Zanaware Technologies has upgraded its Channel Lineup Pro and Auto Backr Pro to automatically detect and record any new devices in a headend, simplifying the management of headend facilities.

Using standard networking protocols (including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, SNMP, SSH, Telnet and TFTP) Channel Lineup Pro and Auto Backr Pro regularly poll each headend device to automatically identify and record any network or configuration changes.

Additionally, both products automatically identify and import data from any newly installed device, as well as regularly backup the configuration files of all headend equipment to enable fast and easy recovery in the event of a failure. When supported in a profile, both products will record critical product data including serial numbers, software versions and license keys.  This combination of capabilities and features enables the effortless, hassle-free management of even the most complex headend.

 “MSOs are continually adding new equipment to deliver new services like TV Everywhere or to upgrade to switched digital or all digital networks, resulting in increasingly complex headends in which documenting and tracking equipment changes is vital, but often doesn’t happen,” said Jay Cox, president of Zanaware. 

“In an ideal world, headend technicians would religiously log each time they add new devices or change the configuration of an encoder, statistical multiplexer or other device, but the reality is they don’t, which led us to add these new auto-detection capabilities to Auto Backr Pro and Channel Lineup Pro,” Cox continued. “Our detection mechanism goes far beyond the basics of an SNMP Management System by detecting equipment through advanced profiles, regardless of whether SNMP is enabled or other possible defaults.”

Channel Lineup Pro is a GUI-based database solution that enables cable operators to easily document, track, store and access thousands of channel lineups, channels and headend devices via a single web interface.  The need for such a comprehensive solution is driven by the increasing complexity of headends, with a typical headend today having between five and 50 channel lineups, each consisting of 400 or more channels.

Auto Backr Pro enables MSOs to automatically back up the configuration files and databases of thousands of headend devices from multiple vendors on a weekly or daily basis.  Auto Backr Pro also incorporates a device database for tracking key statistics such as IP addresses, software versions, serial numbers, hardware status and location.  Auto Backr Pro is additionally available as a monthly or yearly service, known as HEalth Manager, which eliminates CAPex expenditures.