Actiontec Electronics said it will be the lead developer of a new line of products incorporating Intel wireless technology designed to link laptops to TVs.

Several years ago, Intel provided a significant push to Wi-Fi technology by building the technology into a majority of its laptop chips. The semiconductor manufacturer is following a similar path with a technology it is calling WiDI, a contraction of wireless display.

WiDi is a version of WiFi that aims to make it easy to transfer video (and other content) hosted on laptops, tablets, or even mobile devices to TV screens. WiDi technology supports resolutions up to full 1080p HD.

The latest version of Intel’s WiDi technology also supports the Miracast standard, supported by other chip companies (including Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Marvell Semiconductor); like WiDi, Miracast is a standard for screencasting, also based on Wi-Fi.

WiDi is already built into Intel’s current Core processors, and the company said it has integrated the technology in its forthcoming fourth-generation Core processors as well.

Actiontec already has one product on the market, the ScreenBeam, that supports Miracast. The company said it will work with Intel to build WiDi receivers. The next iteration will be optimized for upcoming Ultrabook devices and provide advanced features, Actiontec said.

“Expanding our relationship with Intel has been a milestone for Actiontec," said Dean Chang, Actiontec's CEO. "Just as the majority of Internet-enabled homes today have a Wi-Fi network, we believe that wireless display technology will achieve similar market acceptance.”

Kerry Forell, Intel WiDi product line manager said, "Intel believes in freeing users from the need to carry cables to get the most from their mobile devices. To pursue this vision, Intel is working with a broad set of companies including mobile device and TV makers and app developers so that consumers can enjoy two-screen experiences from their laptops, tablets, and phones to HDTVs. Intel is very excited that Actiontec has taken a lead in working with us to implement the next generation Intel WiDi experience enhancements.”