This morning Zanaware Technologies announced a new service that provides multiple headend device backup, recovery and monitoring for cable operators.

The service, Headend Health (HEalth) Manager Service, augments the capabilities of Zanaware’s Auto Backr Pro, which has been deployed by eight of the top-10 largest cable operators in North America.

Auto Backr Pro enables the automatic daily/weekly backup and restoration of configuration files and databases from multiple headend devices, providing instant, recovery from any system failure. 

Starting at less than $300 a month, HEalth Manager offers an alternative to hardware purchase by providing Auto Backr Pro units that directly interface between multiple headend devices and Zanaware’s cloud servers. 

Zanaware said HEalth Manager could save operators time by offering fully automated security functions for up to four isolated networks simultaneously, including:

• Automatic new device detection/configuration and updated profile inventory

• Daily backups of multiple headend devices, including set-top controllers, ad splicers, multiplexers, QAMs and encoders

• Real-time headend health monitoring via SNMP, syslogs and device traps

• Instant automated reports including system backups, multi-vendor software versions, redundant card/chassis switchover detection and more

“With the success and reliability of Auto Backr Pro, we looked at how to offer an added level of convenience to headend backup and widespread disaster recovery, with a minimal impact on an operator’s OPEX,” said Jay Cox, president of Zanaware.  “If you could save your company thousands of dollars and prevent the loss of valuable subscribers because of a major ad splicer outage for the price of a hamburger, would you do it?  This is what we want to offer the whole industry.”

Zanaware’s products are available through its reseller network, including Mega Hertz in the U.S. and Incospec in Canada.