Tektronix has introduced a new waveform monitor with HDMI/HDCP inputs, enabling video distributors to directly monitor the quality of the video and audio output of set-top boxes (STB) and Blu-ray players.

According to Tek, previously there was no way for broadcasters and video service providers to monitor the video signal quality output from STBs, Blu-ray players and other consumer devices with HDMI outputs.

The full suite of video and audio test tools in the company’s new WFM/WVR5250, with HDMI/HDCP (High Definition Multimedia Interface, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) inputs cover acquisition, post production and compliance monitoring.

Technicians can use the portable system to objectively measure viewers’ quality of experience (QoE) and compliance with broadcast and regulatory standards as seen by their customers through HDMI interconnects on large LCD or plasma displays.

Tektronix is also touting a new picture quality analysis tool, also with an HDMI-HDCP interface, also claimed by Tek to be an industry first.

The PQA600A enables video equipment manufacturers and service providers to perform comprehensive, repeatable picture quality analysis and a direct comparison with competitors’ units to verify video quality performance differences, the company said. 

Engineers can use the system to model how equipment changes will impact picture quality through the network, across their headend facilities to the STB.

In addition, having HDMI-HDCP support included in the PQA600A enables engineers to select a STB that would maximize the end viewer’s quality of experience at home.