Testing vendor ZCorum has added a new reporting feature to help cable operators keep abreast of VoIP quality issues, as well as a loop diagnostics test that can be run from a smartphone or tablet.

ZCorum is showing some of the new capabilities in its TruVizion and TechVizion product lines today at the National Cable Television Cooperative’s Winter Educational Conference in Las Vegas.

TruVizion is ZCorum’s web-based diagnostics application for cable and DSL networks. TechVizion is a companion app that takes data collected by TruVizion and presents it in a format suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The company has added features in both that will help cable operators address quality issues their VoIP networks.

“We already have call quality scores within TruVizion that can be viewed for a specific customer,” said Arthur Skinner, vice president of sales and business development at ZCorum. “That’s very helpful if someone calls in to report a problem. We've now added an EMTA report that shows all potential voice quality issues for any given day, which provides an opportunity to address a problem before the customer calls in.”

The new report lists any calls that had one or more bad MOS scores, which would be an indicator that the customer experienced poor voice quality during the call. The report also shows the RF levels, packet loss and packet delay at the time of the call to help with troubleshooting. In addition, any devices that have a battery issue are listed, as well as those that were experiencing communication errors.

ZCorum also provides wholesale VoIP service and end-user technical support in addition to diagnostics software. Skinner said this latest release also added the ability to run a loop diagnostics test from within TechVizion.

“Now a technician in the field can check the inside wiring for a subscriber right from their smartphone or tablet.” Skinner said.