Cycle30 said it has developed commercial business billing software designed for cable companies, suitable in particular for use by smaller cable operators.

Many of the billing platforms currently used by smaller operators are not equipped to manage the complexity associated with product catalogs for commercial accounts, according to Cycle30, the billing services company spun out of GCI several years back.

The company designed its new Commercial Business Billing software to make it simpler to set up, configure, provision, select devices, and handle taxation and duration and fees associated with business services agreements.

In contrast to residential services, where there is a finite set of service permutations, customers are more likely to take a custom mix of products and services. Building and configuring the product catalog tends to be far more complex, the company said.

Customer hierarchies can get very complex, as well, Cycle30 continued. For example, in larger commercial customer accounts, the relationship between a paying “parent” entity, such as a state, and non-paying “child” entity, such as a department, can go thousands deep and wide, creating a daunting challenge for current billing systems.

“Cable operators are all heavily incented to take advantage of the Commercial Services revenue potential within their service areas, but many are being hamstrung by back office limitations,” said Jim Dunlap, president of Cycle30. “We have spent the past ten years in refining our business commercial billing solutions by developing applications specifically designed for commercial services billing – including orders, provisioning, workflow, billing, product catalog, customer hierarchies, taxation and the like. Cycle30 has taken the complex and made it very simple for the operator to understand and execute.”

Cycle30 also expects that operators might be able to use the system to extract the maximum potential from business customers. The company said it estimates that for some operators, up to 10 percent in revenue potential from commercial services are currently being left on the table due to the back office issue.

With the new Cycle30 solution, the company argues, operators can more easily enforce business rules, cross-sell and bundle services, and anticipate customer needs across all product offerings.