Comporium Communications is making it easy for any Tier 2 or Tier 3 company to get into the broadband-based home security, monitoring, and automation (SMA) business with a new cloud-based service.

Armed with a reseller agreement with iControl, the home automation system company that counts Comcast and Rogers Communications among its investors and customers, Comporium SMA Solutions said it is providing turnkey SMA product coverage. Customers thus far include New Wave and Massillon Cable.

The service includes enterprise-class data storage and backup and recovery services, as well as technical and marketing support services. Dan Lehman, director/general manager of Comporium SMA Solutions, said the turnkey approach extends to providing aid in securing state licenses (generally required to provide security services) to call center training to SMA device warehousing and distribution.

The SMA service includes a new touchscreen and security panel, an all-in-one security system that combines a powerful chipset, increased RAM and flash memory and provides consumers remote control of their security system; live video feeds; access to such information as traffic, weather and sports news; and a series of energy management tools.

The SMA service package based on iControl technology is appropriate for any type of service provider but is expected to help expand Comporium’s reach into the cable market. The company, founded as Rock Hill Telephone, has been providing security services to its customers since 1987 and has been supporting other service providers since 2006, but most of its SMA service clients thus far are phone companies.

Lehman said that historically, companies that have offered security services have never seen interest in security systems top about 20 percent of the customer base, while interest in monitoring and home automation has been modest. He said that the situation has now flipped, with consumers expressing keener interest in monitoring and home automation. Even so, he said, it is common for people interested in those services to agree to add home security to the SMA bundle.

“It’s not just about security,” Lehman said, “it’s the other things. Customers might buy a camera and a thermostat, and then add on security.”

One monitoring service that seems to be picking up steam is medical monitoring. Lehman said that Comporium is not yet offering that service but that it’s on the company’s roadmap, probably for later this year.