Assia Inc. has introduced a residential Wi-Fi management service, providing service providers the ability to not only identify certain specific problems but to also change some router settings to improve Wi-Fi network performance.  

With these capabilities, operators of any type of network can now attempt to improve performance before deciding to send a technician or swap equipment, explained Jerome Joanny, Assia vice president of marketing.

Expresse Wi-Fi can diagnose Wi-Fi problems, isolate their sources (Wi-Fi versus the DSL, cable, or fiber access link), and resolve Wi-Fi problems remotely and in real time. That includes real-time analysis of home Wi-Fi performance, including calculations of throughput, latency, and connectivity, all on a per-device basis. The system stores network performance data in the cloud, providing the basis for long-term statistical analysis of home Wi-Fi performance, which can be drawn upon to  for better, more efficient optimization.

Once a problem is identified, the management system can modify routers’ PHY settings, including channel selection, frame burst rates, and several others to attempt to fix whatever problem that’s been detected, Joanny said.

The company said it has demonstrated performance improvements of more than 100 percent. “When Wi-Fi performance is bad, we can often double LAN speeds at the house,” Joanny told CED.

Assia at its founding was dedicated to working with DSL providers, and they still make up the bulk of the company’s customer base, but the Expresse Wi-Fi is works in any network, and is available for licensing to any customer premises equipment (CPE) vendor.

The cloud-based service can integrate with any OSS/BSS system through Web services, Assia said. The product is expected to be generally available in late 2012.

The company is currently working on techniques that would give service providers enough control of local networks that they will actually be able to assure some level of quality of experience (QoE). That capability is being developed for the next released of the product, Joanny said.