Sony's NSZ-GS7Sony has set a release date for the Google TV set-top that it showed at CES in January. The company will start selling the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV on July 22, priced at $199.

Sony simultaneously announced a new version of its Internet Blu-ray disc player with Google TV. The company plans to introduce the NSZ-GP9 at the end of the year, priced at $299.

Both products use the Google Chrome browser as the user interface. Google TV's cross-search functionality shows viewers all content sources available from broadcast providers and the Internet to deliver customized video results on-demand.

Users navigate using a redesigned remote control equipped with a backlit Qwerty keyboard, a touch pad and a three-axis motion sensor that enables the device to double as a game controller.

The Bluetooth remote control can also be used as a universal remote to control connected devices such as TVs, set-top boxes and A/V receivers. The NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray disc player incorporates voice search capabilities.

The Google TV experience also includes access to many mobile apps in the Google Play Store, including hundreds optimized for TV.

Phil Molyneux, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, said: "Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen to or play using familiar search engine technology, enhancing the viewer experience. TV will never be the same."

With the new NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, Sony expects it will be the first manufacturer to launch Google TV products outside of the United States, initially starting with the United Kingdom in July, followed later by Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico.

The NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray disc player with Google TV will be available this fall in the United States, followed later by Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands.