Zhone intros green, GPON-based FiberLAN suite

Zhone's FiberLANZhone Technologies has announced a new environmentally friendly, GPON-based FiberLAN Optical LAN Solution (OLS) suite.

The suite helps reduce operating costs while addressing the increased demand for triple-play services. It supports delivery to multi-level, multi-unit commercial and industrial complexes via fiber – an alternative to existing copper-based Ethernet Switch LAN infrastructure.

“Knowing the pricing pressures that our customers face, we are pleased to introduce our FiberLAN solution as a scalable option for complex, bandwidth-hungry, media-rich applications,” said Brian Caskey, Zhone’s chief marketing officer.

Zhone’s FiberLAN is a high-performance, high-density, GPON-based OLS delivering high-speed data, voice and video. The solution is scalable for hotel rooms; bandwidth-demanding desktops; and work stations deployed in offices, rooms, factories or other industrial environments – delivering comprehensive connectivity for any LAN requirement.

Specific benefits of the solution include:

  • Elimination of need for riser closets, dedicated cooling and cross-connects
  • Reduction of overall power, cooling, installation, facilities and management costs
  • Simplification of moves, adds and changes
  • Minimization of troubleshooting and maintenance issues and costs.

Vytran adds new splicers to its CAS-4000 Series

Vytran's CAS-4100Vytran is touting its newest optical fiber splicer, the CAS-4100.

"CAS-4100 combines the high-performance splicing capabilities typical of Vytran's filament fusion-based products with a compact, easy-to-integrate package and an intuitive and ultra-simple graphical user interface that allows splicing at the push of a single button,” said Jean-Michel Pelaprat, Vytran’s president and CEO.

“It is designed to make high-quality, high-volume splicing easy and efficient," Pelaprat added.

The CAS-4100 and CAS-4100-P (for polarization-maintaining fibers) make up Vytran's newest family of optical fiber splicers – the compact, semi-automated CAS-4000 Series.

In CAS systems, all components, including the computer and display, are embedded into the splicer to form a single unit, ideal for use where space is limited.

CAS splicers also feature Vytran's One Step Splice process software to make fiber splicing and process control simple and intuitive for the operator.

DragonWave ups spectral efficiency

DragonWave has made available higher modulation modes of up to 2048 QAM on its Horizon packet microwave products. This higher modulation allows the radios to transport up to 37 percent more data through existing microwave channels, which significantly improves spectral efficiency and lowers operators’ cost per bit.

When DragonWave’s Bandwidth Accelerator feature – a wire-speed bulk data compression technology – is enabled, spectral efficiency is further enhanced 25 percent to 100 percent, depending on traffic patterns, the company said.

All Horizon packet microwave radios also support hitless adaptive modulation, bringing operators the benefits of higher-capacity delivery by the new modes when link properties permit – even on existing links that have been designed for lower modulation modes.

With 2048 QAM, customers can achieve greater than 500 Mbps of transport in a Horizon Compact+ all-outdoor system, and up to a gigabit with DragonWave’s Bandwidth Accelerator.