The Web-ification of TV continues apace, with Arris adding support of HTML5 to its Moxi products.

Arris has added an HTML5 browser in the latest release of the software for the Moxi box and tools for applications developers, including a Web Services application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK).

HTML5 is the new version of the Web-based markup language, designed to support multimedia applications on a wider range of client devices, including smartphones and TVs.

Those tools can be used not only to create new downloadable applications to run on Moxi boxes, but service providers can also use the same tools to build application storefronts to make those new applications accessible to their subscribers.

The Moxi Web Services API provides a full-featured and RESTful command and control interface, enabling authorized partners to implement functions such as:

  • Media Player remote control
  • Remote control key press interaction
  • Playing of linear and recorded content
  • Mobile device pairing for authorization.

The Moxi SDK provides tools to create unique branding options within the Moxi user interface, including name, logo and application placement within the application store, the company said.

In a related development, at the upcoming NCTA Cable Show, Arris plans to showcase a mobile application for the iPad that utilizes the new Moxi SDK and Moxi Web Services API to enable new ways for consumers to interact with the Arris Whole Home Solution, including the ability to remotely access and schedule recordings.

The Arris Whole Home Solution has been deployed by WOW, Shaw Communications, BendBroadband and Buckeye CableSystem.