Harris has announced a family of products for determining the quality of ingested video.

The Harris QuiC software, based on technology developed by content analysis specialist Digimetrics, analyzes files ingested into video servers for quality control purposes.

The company said it will have three versions of the software: QuiC Pro, which can scale to enterprise-level operations; QuiC Express for file analysis in less complex workflows; and Quic View for visual presentation of digital content with ties to HTML reports.

With multiple versions, the company expects it has a version appropriate for just about everybody in the video chain, from content producers to broadcasters, cable networks, post houses and other digital media operations.

QuiC Pro, for example, is targeted for use after content editing, during automated ingest, and for on-the-fly video transcoding and archival transfers.

“The increasing emphasis on file-based workflows in today’s demanding broadcast, production and media operations creates a need for straightforward quality control processes,” said Harris Morris, president of Harris Broadcast Communications. “These new tools provide fast, effective and actionable results without false positives – allowing our customers to more effectively share, distribute and monetize media assets across many workflows and delivery platforms.”

QuiC Pro and QuiC Express are based on customizable templates and so should integrate quickly into any operation or facility, the company said. A Web service application programming interface (API) enables communication with digital asset management systems and other workflow components.