Video Apps - Technicolor Deepens Engagement with MediaEcho

Technicolor's MediaEchoMore and more consumers are using their laptops, tablets and mobile phones to supplement their home viewing experience – to engage in social media, to browse for more information about the program they are viewing, etc. So Technicolor has launched MediaEcho, an application that synchronizes secondary content with Blu-ray, video-on-demand and broadcast programming.

MediaEcho synchronizes content such as cast, crew and production information, as well as historical facts and audio and video, onto a tablet device, allowing viewers to deepen their engagement with a program.

The app can integrate social media, allowing users to post comments, share content and connect during their viewing experience. And MediaEcho enables e-commerce, enabling fans to purchase items related to the program from their tablet.

This app is compatible with both Apple and Android tablet platforms and will work with any type of content (film, TV, sports, etc.).

BD-Live technology syncs the content with a Blu-ray player, allowing two-way communication between any Internet-connected Blu-ray player and tablet device.

For broadcast and VOD features, synchronization is offered via Technicolor’s own audio watermarking technology. This watermarking technology inserts an inaudible high-frequency sound that can only be recognized by the tablet, allowing the app to synchronize, even while in the presence of ambient noise.

Some major U.S. studios have already adopted MediaEcho to provide second-screen home entertainment experiences.

ECI Telecom takes on Optical Transport Challenges

ECI Telecom's Apollo OPT9624ECI Telecom has converged the packet and optical layers in the network with its Optimized Multi-Layer Transport system, or OMLT.

The OMLT targets the shortcomings of today’s packet-optical transport system (POTS) to address service providers’ challenges as they introduce new services. Complementing ECI’s 1Net framework, the Apollo family OMLTs offer a fully integrated, multi-layer system, simplifying operations and increasing return on investment.

The family includes:

• Apollo OPT9603 – A compact OMLT system for metro access.

• Apollo OPT9604 and Apollo OPT9608 – Metro edge OMLTs that aggregate TDM, Ethernet and IP/MPLS over OTN and WDM.

• Apollo OPT9624 – An OMLT for the metro, metro core and long-haul portions of the network.

• Apollo OPT9648 – A high-capacity OMLT system for the metro core and long-haul portions of the network.

• Artemis 1P/2Pe – Compact passive optical platforms providing a solution for passive modules.

• LightSoft unified network management system – It provides graphical, automated, end-to-end provisioning and management across network layers and technologies.

• 1Net consultancy services, planning services and network design – Offered to assist operators in the charting of their specific migration path.

Gefen's Mini Pattern Signal GeneratorGefen tackles video install

Gefen's next-generation Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3-D TV is designed for easy mobility when installing, designing or troubleshooting audio/video systems in the field.

Real-time testing of multiple displays and projectors; support for 3-D TV; advanced features; and the small, lightweight enclosure all make this signal generator a valuable tool for integrators.

The Gefen Tool-Box Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3-D TV supplies several test patterns for calibrating and testing video performance. New video testing patterns are provided, including 19 HDTV and VESA standard timings. The 3-D TV test pattern supports side-byside, top-bottom and frame-packing 3-D formats up to 1080p at 24 Hz.