Alpha Technologies is announcing a significant expansion of its Power Services offering, including the installation, construction and preventative maintenance of critical network power equipment.

With a national network of contractors, project managers and technicians, Alpha's Installation Services program provides solutions for both outside plant and critical facility applications. Alpha combines small-, medium- and large-scale projects with the necessary installation resources to provide structure engineering, right-of-way and easement procurement, site preparation, equipment installation, and initial system turn-up and testing.

Alpha also provides preventative maintenance and critical plant hardening services.

Alpha's AlphaCell HP 4.0And Alpha's Repair Depots are positioned nationwide to provide repair and refurbishment of all Alpha and third-party equipment, including cable power supplies, RF line gear, headend equipment, UPS systems and test equipment. Alpha's repair and development laboratories also offer pickup and drop-off services to assist with customer's specific needs.

"Overall network reliability and reduced operating costs have become two of the most critical priorities for our customers," said John Hewitt, vice president of North American sales for Alpha. "These expanded services allow us to help our customers to focus on both."

Meanwhile, Alpha is combining advanced battery technology with its new intelligent power supply design to minimize truck rolls and reduce overall operating expenses. The pure-lead AlphaCell HP battery line offers increased runtime and extended service life, thereby minimizing total cost of ownership.

"Network requirements demand increased runtime and reliability, and Alpha has responded with the development of the AlphaCell HP 3.5 and 4.0. The thin-plate, pure-lead technology is the first in the market and boasts superior service life, with 20 percent more runtime over traditional VRLA batteries," said Jim Heidenreich, vice president of product management for Alpha.

In addition to life expectancy gains, the new technology allows for a low rate of self-discharge, which yields a significantly longer shelf life. The AlphaCell HP line offers three to five times longer shelf life than standard VRLA batteries, Alpha said.

Other features include 100 percent runtime capacity out-of-box, with no cycling required; maintenance-free threaded inserts; and a wide operating temperature. The increased performance in cold temperatures can also eliminate the need for battery heater mats in certain environments. Alpha is currently offering a four- to five-year full replacement warranty (but it varies by location).

"When used with the next-generation XM3-HP embedded AlphaGuard, battery preventative maintenance costs can be reduced by more than 30 percent as a result of the intelligence reports generated by the XM3-HP," added Heidenreich.

Embedded battery balancing within the XM3-HP power supply also increases the life expectancy of the AlphaCell HP battery by up to 20 percent, reducing the replacement frequency of batteries and maximizing battery investment.