BigBand Networks has taken the wraps off of a targeted advertising application that lets IPTV video providers use “virtual zoning” to deliver ads to ad zones over linear TV.

BigBand has added virtual zoning to its Media Services Platform (MSP), which enables the delivery of ads to groups of devices based on demographics or to geographic areas down to ZIP+4 codes. The zoning application can send the ads to set-top boxes and IP-connected devices.

BigBand said the targeted advertising application integrates with existing back office systems and is the first dynamic ad insertion application for multicast IPTV with virtual zoning.

The network-based application reduces the bandwidth needed to deliver both zoned and targeted ads. It also allows ad delivery to be verified by the service provider’s network in a manner consistent with today’s measurement tools.

“Service providers are in a unique position to expand the critical role they play in delivering more personalized advertising for the benefit of consumers, advertisers and content providers while increasing their bottom line,” said John Reister, vice president and chief architect for IPTV at BigBand Networks. “The MSP is the powerhouse multi-screen platform delivering the new capabilities and reducing the complexity for operators to expand their advertising business.”

The BigBand MSP-based advertising solutions include the preparation and transcoding of ad assets, ad splicing into linear TV streams, event reporting to insertion systems and management using BigBand’s Video Management System software.

Earlier this month, Arris announced it was acquiring BigBand Networks.