HOME NETWORKING - Motorola Mobility intros Edge Home Center

Motorola subsidiary Motorola Mobility is introducing the Motorola Edge Home Center into the Motorola Edge Service Assurance Software Suite.

The Edge Home Center is a cloud-based, multi-screen, self-help console that now enables consumers to set up and manage their home network equipment and services. Motorola boasts the Edge Home Center’s expanded visibility, flexibility and control capabilities, as well as its ability to let subscribers get support questions and resolve problems on their own.

Edge Home Center Network Map

But if an agent does receive a call from a subscriber, the Edge Home Center shows the agent any self-care steps already taken by the subscriber.

“Our customers must evolve their support capabilities as frequently as their service offerings to account for new subscriber needs,” says Alan Lefkof, corporate vice president and general manager of software solutions at Motorola Mobility. “With the new interoperability capabilities of today’s media devices and the increased tech-savviness of today’s consumer, the subscriber now has the tools to own such home network management tasks. That’s why we’re delivering innovative service assurance solutions that will be relevant and efficient – both now and in the future.”

The new Edge incorporates more of the home network, and not just the PC and the gateway. Its user interface is consistent across all devices – computers and Web-based mobile devices – and subscribers can connect and manage their home networks at home or remotely.

The cloud-based design provides direct connectivity to service provider provisioning and billing systems for real-time updates.

And the solution can support the introduction of optional value-add services such as anti-virus, PC backup, home automation and third-party applications.

Harmonic’s SupraLink covers entire RF spectrum

Harmonic is revealing its SupraLink Universal Transmitter, a versatile 16-wavelength 1550 nm DWDM platform that improves efficiency and lowers costs for the complete range of forward HFC transmission applications.

It’s a full-band solution, and it is able to cover the entire RF spectrum, enabling cable operators to support virtually any forward transmission need.

Service providers deploying the SupraLink Universal Transmitter can avoid the need for new fiber installations to support additional segmentation and commercial services applications, shortening the time to market for new services and reducing costs.

Harmonic SupraLink

In a typical installation, Harmonic says, SupraLink can be as low as one-tenth the cost of alternative solutions that require new fiber. It is comparable in cost to 1310 nm systems due to its optimized directmodulated DWDM technology, while its 1550 nm-based design extends fiber reach out to 70 km.

The new platform is used with Harmonic’s existing HFC platform and is compatible with existing deployed nodes.

“The SupraLink Universal Transmitter can also be used in conjunction with an outdoor hub and is able to support an RFoG ecosystem at a lower cost than current transmission solutions,” says Gil Katz, senior director of cable solutions and strategy at Harmonic.

ASB's HDMI CableTriNet touts ASB’s HDMI cables

TriNet Communications is featuring a solution from All Systems Broadband (ASB) that helps to reduce costly technician visits associated with truck rolls to the customer premises.

ASB’s ConnectAssure HDMI cables incorporate an LED – on each of the connectors – that illuminates when the A/V signal path is completed between the source and the display, ensuring a good connection. Because the connection is not polarized, either connector may be plugged in to either the source or the display.

Fully-shielded conductors provide immunity to EMI/RFI interference, and high-quality connectors offer superior signal transfer. The HDMI cables support all HDTV formats, are 3-D-ready, and are designed to transmit uncompressed digital streams between HDMI devices.

ConnectAssure cables may be customized with a company’s logo incorporated in the LED design.