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November 17, 2010    
CX380-D3 (DOCSIS© 3.0)
VeEX Inc. The new VePAL CX380-D3 integrates a certified DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an advanced spectrum analyzer in a compact, rugged test platform. Technicians can identify ingress sources with greater dynamic range, and perform comprehensive channel bonding and IP connection tests in a single unit. Equalized/unequalized MER tests in both forward and return paths include Group Delay and Frequency Response results. The CX380-D3 also provides MPEG analysis on RF QAM carriers.
VeEX Inc.
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CommScope Provides Solutions
CommScope Inc. CommScope's BrightPath Optical Solutionsâ„¢ (BOS) introduces industry-leading innovation that achieves a true "end-to-end" FTTx solution set across fiber architectures for a revolutionary approach designed to meet a customer's unique needs. From residential and MDU to commercial and cellular backhaul applications, the BOSâ„¢ suite of headend, outside plant and end user solutions offers the unparalleled capability for operators to choose the right technology and architecture from a single, trusted partner. CommScope's end-to-end system approach offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical technology solutions.
CommScope Inc.
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Sencore introduces New line of Economical Receiver Decoders
Sencore Sencore's new line of professional Integrated Receiver Decoders are a cost-effective solution for the distribution of video services. The IRDs are designed for SD applications and offer an upgrade path to HD, allowing operators to leverage their existing SD infrastructures with a solution in place for HD migration. The series is fully compliant with DVB and ATSC standards. The IRD line offers today's video professional a satellite or MPEGoIP inputs with a standard ASI input. They also provide high quality MPEG2 and H.264 decoding of HD and SD video formats with composite or SDI outputs. The SDI output can be enabled to support HD outputs as well. For additional information call 1.605.978.4811, or e-mail us at, today!
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Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 4100 ES Mobile Backhaul/Business Access Cabinet
Fujitsu Network Communications Specifically designed for wireless backhaul/business access applications, the Fujitsu outside plant cabinet allows for both front and rear access and can be pad, wall, or H-frame mounted. The FLASHWAVE 4100 ES micro Packet ONP is a full featured OC-48 MSPP with DS1, DS3, Connection oriented Ethernet and OC-3/OC-12 services. It combines the efficiency and flexibility of native Ethernet, with the stringent performance and security of SONET.
Fujitsu Network Communications
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Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations
ATCi The Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations are the world's only antennas that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70° view arc, with equal performance on each satellite. Simulsat is approximately equivalent in cost to three commercial C-Band parabolic antennas, but performs like 35. Since an increasing number of applications require multiple satellite reception, return on initial investment is immediate. Available three size and performance variations: Simulsat 7, C/Ku and 5b.
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Innovative Solutions at Times Fiber
Times Fiber In Hardline Cable TX10 Series 540, 715, 860 
• Seamless Extruded   Aluminum Tube
• Cleanest Coreability   and Preparation
• Triple-Bonded
• Superior Handling Characteristics
• Compatible with existing prep tools and   connectors
Times Fiber
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Integra Networks offers a Full Line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing Products
Integra Networks, Inc. Integra Networks offers a full line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) products to assist you in making the most of your network assets by transmitting multiple signals over the same fiber at different wavelengths. Whether your needs are "off the shelf" or highly customized, Integra Networks can help by applying our expertise to find solutions that are right for your unique needs.
Integra Networks, Inc.
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Wideband HFC Technology
ARRIS Javelin Innovations' Wideband HFC technology helps you unlock the full 1GHz spectrum from your embedded taps and line passives today-while preparing your coaxial plant for potential future delivery platforms, or additional return path capacity above 1GHz. The Javelin solution consists of faceplate replacements that fit into installed housings, increasing capacity to 1.8GHz-as well as complete tap assemblies that pass signals up to 2.8GHz. Available from ARRIS, this economical solution makes sense today for new construction and routine plant maintenance.
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Lockbox Management System ("LMS")
Remote Security Systems Remote Security System's LMS is the only solution available that will prevent theft of service and control access to MDU lockboxes and other cabinets in the network. The LMS is a DOCSIS system that requires no external power, eliminates traditional keys and mechanical locking systems, provides an electronic key for each technician that can be activated/deactivated instantly, has instant alarms for tamper detection, and the only DOCSIS tap in the industry.
Remote Security Systems
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