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October 13, 2010    
Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations
ATCi The Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations are the world's only antennas that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70deg; view arc, with equal performance on each satellite. Simulsat is approximately equivalent in cost to three commercial C-Band parabolic antennas, but performs like 35. Since an increasing number of applications require multiple satellite reception, return on initial investment is immediate. Available three size and performance variations: Simulsat 7, C/Ku and 5b.
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Making Cellular Backhaul Easier - AFL CWDM Modules
AFL From cellular backhaul to metro Ethernet, AFL's CWDM modules deliver reliable performance and flexibility in new or existing network architectures. With a reduced package size, deployment options are more convenient. With Thin Film Filter (TFF) or Free Space Optics (FSO) technologies available, AFL's CWDMs provide low insertion loss, high uniformity, and high thermal stability. Numerous configurations are available.
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New! JDSU WebView 2.5 Upgrade for PathTrak™ and RPM3000 MACTrak™ Technology
JDSU The new WebView upgrade enables PathTrak to identify previously invisible plant problems (such as group delay and microreflections) and to recognize service-impacting issues using the RPM3000 return path monitoring module, allowing providers to send a technician to the right place with the right tools to fix the problem quickly.
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EBIF Monitoring Solution
Mixed Signals Mixed Signals EBIF/eTV monitoring solution breaks down and reports on eTV application data and critical signaling information, so service providers can be assured they are delivering the best possible quality of experience for their subscribers. In addition, a 60-day application level historical report (available by service and by location) provides critical trending information about eTV delivery.
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Mixed Signals
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Low Cost Edge QAM for Hospitality Facilities
Vecima Vecima's new Concierge IP to QAM is a high density, IP to QAM converter compatible with satellite and cable systems that offers superior quality digital video for Free-to-Guest (FTG) and VOD services. It is ideal for hospitality operators requiring a cost effective solution for providing HD channel lineups over RF in hotels, hospitals, etc. For more information call (888) 292-8266.
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CPAT DRV2 - Your NEW find and fix tool!
VGI VGI Solutions' DRV2 is a full featured handheld leakage detection meter based on our CPAT leakage monitoring system technology. The DRV2 is a fully agile meter with tuning increments of 1 kHz from 108-135 MHz (Lo-band version) and from 118-155 MHz (Hi-band version). The DRV2 provides AM/FM tone tagging detection capability. Configuration of the DRV2 is accomplished via a USB port or by front panel buttons.
Call 888 495-6577
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Now test and analyze all your video signals with one complete instrument
Sencore The MSA 1850 Service Analyzer allows you to analyze compressed audio, video and data services in real time, on any terrestrial broadcast, cable head-end, or Telco network for complete system confidence at an affordable price. The unit is available in two different chassis, a portable for field applications and a rack mountable chassis for in-house operations. For more information visit our web site or, call 605-978-4810 today.
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Three Screen Delivery & Monetization
RGB Networks RGB's high-capacity Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG) can help you to easily deliver video services to TVs, PCs and mobile devices. With integrated transcoding, transrating and ad insertion capabilities, the carrier-class VMG uniquely offers the functionality, density, reliability and scalability to enable a smooth migration to a three screen environment.
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RGB Networks
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The MPEG4 HD Digital Headend Solution for the Smaller Cable Operator
Toner Cable Equipment Features:
• Cost Effective
• High Definition
• Integrates with Your   Existing Analog System
• Full Function Conditional   Access
• SD, HD and DVR Settops
• Smart Card CAS Technology
• Compact Green System
• Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue / Increase Subsribers!
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Toner Cable Equipment
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AFL&'s Aerial and Sealed Fiber Optic Splice Closures
AFL Featuring the Peel & Seal Grommet System™, AFL's sealed and aerial closures are designed to be installed without special tools, heat, adhesives, drills or any powered equipment. Loaded with optical splitters, CWDM / DWDM, filters or terminal adapters, our closures are durable, craft-friendly and RUS-listed. Quality engineering reduces installation time, training and complexity associated with splicing in the field.
Visit us at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, booth # 1001 to view closure samples.
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Arcom Labs Now – for the first time – directly detect and locate digital channels leaking from the HFC network.
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Cable-Tec Expo,
booth # 1927

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AFL - The Original NID Manufacturer
AFL AFL offers integrated Network Interface Devices (NIDs) complete with station protectors, subscriber bridges, ADSL2+/VDSL splitters, and Add-A-Line kits allowing for the expansion of pair counts. Built with weatherproof thermoplastic alloy materials, AFL NIDs are available in various configurations, providing flexibility and simplifying installations. With field upgradeable individual line modules, our NIDs are UL® listed.
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Integra Networks offers a Full Line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing Products
Integra Networks, Inc. Integra Networks offers a full line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) products to assist you in making the most of your network assets by transmitting multiple signals over the same fiber at different wavelengths. Whether your needs are "off the shelf" or highly customized, Integra Networks can help by applying our expertise to find solutions that are right for your unique needs. 877.402.3850
Visit us at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, booth # 600
Integra Networks, Inc.
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Innovative Solutions at Times Fiber
Times Fiber QuickConnect II Compression Connector with QuickTorque
• Stand alone, field   installable compression   connector with   QuickTorque technology
• Composed of highly   durable polymers
• Ergonomic hexagonal design increases hand   tightened torque values
• Designed to maximize hand tightening torque   even in tight spaces
• Compatible with most industry compression tools
TX10 Series 540, 715, 860
• Seamless Extruded Aluminum Tube
• Cleanest Coreability and Preparation
• Triple-Bonded
• Superior Handling Characteristics
• Compatible with existing prep tools and   connectors
Visit us at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, booth # 1427
Times Fiber
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Award-Winning BelAir100SP Strand Picocell
BelAir Networks The "Best New Idea Likely to Succeed" at CableLabs® Innovation Showcase is at BelAir Networks booth # 951 at CableTec. Come see the award-winning BelAir100SP Strand Picocell, a compact wireless base station that delivers mobile broadband internet services over both licensed and unlicensed wireless spectrum, leveraging HFC plant for mounting, power and backhaul. It's a new network architecture, a new business model for picocell deployments, and another industry first from BelAir Networks.
Visit us at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, booth # 951
BelAir Networks
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