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July 28, 2010    
Let intelligent decisions guide your way with LogiCALL SMART Path
Alt Text Goes Here LogiCALL SMART Path from Jones/NCTI employs the industry's most intelligent decision tree technology to guide service agents through crucial decision making processes so customer issues are solved swiftly and efficiently. The result is shorter handling times and fewer truck rolls. It's the logical choice for superior productivity and happier, more loyal customers.
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Toolsets for System Wide Monitoring, Analysis and Troubleshooting
Sencore Sencore's line of MPEG/IP/RF products are designed to help you test, analyze and monitor all aspects of your system from the head-end to the last mile of your network.
Remotely access and monitor critical network parameters, quickly pinpoint equipment failures, and quality test all RF signals delivered to the customer.
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Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations
ATCi The Simulsat Multibeam Earth Stations are the world's only antennas that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70deg; view arc, with equal performance on each satellite. Simulsat is approximately equivalent in cost to three commercial C-Band parabolic antennas, but performs like 35. Since an increasing number of applications require multiple satellite reception, return on initial investment is immediate. Available three size and performance variations: Simulsat 7, C/Ku and 5b.
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Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 4100 ES Mobile Backhaul/Business Access Cabinet
Fujitsu Network Communications Specifically designed for wireless backhaul/business access applications, the Fujitsu outside plant cabinet allows for both front and rear access and can be pad, wall, or H-frame mounted. The FLASHWAVE 4100 ES micro Packet ONP is a full featured OC-48 MSPP with DS1, DS3, Connection oriented Ethernet and OC-3/OC-12 services. It combines the efficiency and flexibility of native Ethernet, with the stringent performance and security of SONET.
Fujitsu Network Communications
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Lockbox Management System ("LMS")
Remote Security Systems Remote Security System's LMS is the only solution available that will prevent theft of service and control access to MDU lockboxes and other cabinets in the network. The LMS is a DOCSIS system that requires no external power, eliminates traditional keys and mechanical locking systems, provides an electronic key for each technician that can be activated/deactivated instantly, has instant alarms for tamper detection, and the only DOCSIS tap in the industry.
Remote Security Systems
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