Exfo launches high-res OSA

FTB-5240S/BPExfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has released the FTB-5240BP Field Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA), which is specifically designed to facilitate challenging network commissioning, upgrade and troubleshooting for carriers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs).

Exfo's latest optical spectrum analyzer boasts the highest resolution in the industry, according to the company, and allows field crews to analyze the spectral content of any modulation format, measure the optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) between ultra-dense signals, track non-linear effects and monitor component imperfections.

The versatility of the FTB-5240BP makes it well-equipped to commission the most challenging networks - even ultra-dense wavelength division multiplexing (UDWDM) networks with extremely limited spacing of 25 GHz and 12.5 GHz - for in-depth characterization and troubleshooting.

Housed in the FTB-500 platform, the FTB-5240BP specializes in in-band OSNR measurements for systems where noise fluctuates from channel to channel - a must for ROADM and 40G testing in today's next-generation networks.

Exfo intros 2 new software releases 

Exfo has also announced the availability of new software: One software release expands field-testing capabilities for mapping 10G Ethernet LAN signals over optical transport networks, and another software suite brings new functionalities to the FTB-8140 Transport Blazer 40/43 Gigabit SONET/SDH/OTN test module.

The first software release is incorporated across the Transport/Power Blazer product line. Available on the FTB-8130NG next-gen SONET/SDH test module and the FTB-8130NGE next-gen multi-service test module, this enhanced support for next-generation and optical network test functions gives field technicians the ability to directly map 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN signals into standard-rate ODU2 containers using GFP-F mapping, as per the ITU-T G.7041 standard.

This capability will become a critical tool for service providers as the demand for Ethernet transport over OTN networks continues to increase, the company said.

In addition, this software release introduces a number of enhancements to the DSn capabilities, including automatic detection of DS1 and DS3 signal parameters. Additional features also available with this latest software release include SONET/SDH payload block and replace capability for easier troubleshooting and maintenance.

These additional test capabilities are also available on the IQS-81xx Transport/Power Blazer line.

Meanwhile, the latter software suite allows the FTB-8140 Transport Blazer to now support full ODU multiplexing capability, as well as independent transmission/reception settings.

FTB-8140 Transport BlazerService providers can now test ODU1 and ODU2 containers within the OTU3 signal. Furthermore, the FTB-8140 Transport Blazer offers complete flexibility so that SONET/SDH payloads, as well as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, can be mapped into the ODU1 or ODU2 containers so that tests reflect more real-life testing parameters.

The FTB-8140 Transport Blazer now also supports independent transmission/reception settings, enabling service providers to qualify and validate network elements at installation.

Additional features available with this latest software release include SONET/SDH payload block and replace capability for easier troubleshooting and maintenance.

"As 40G networks become more and more prevalent, and with OTN becoming the ubiquitous transport mechanism, it is essential for service providers to be able to adequately qualify and test their networks to get maximum return on their investment," said Etienne Gagnon, Exfo's vice president of product management and marketing. "With today's announcement, Exfo is once again showing its leadership in 40G testing and its unparalleled understanding of the challenges facing service providers today."

Spatialinfo, Autodesk partner for enhanced software 

Spatialinfo is set to enhance its software offering - which utilizes the AutoCAD platform for mapping and modeling telecom networks - thanks to a preferred software partnership and reseller agreement with Autodesk.

Autodesk has designated Spatialinfo as a preferred industry partner for the telecommunications industry. Additionally, Spatialinfo and Autodesk have entered into a software reseller agreement.

The reseller agreement allows Autodesk to resell Spatialinfo software licenses, with the goal of increasing network design and modeling tools for the cable and telecom industries in North America.

"Spatialinfo products integrate closely with Autodesk products to provide the best network management solutions for the cable and telecommunications industries," said Spatialinfo CEO Greg Foster. &