CED Product Shocase
August 26, 2009    
ATCi Flyaway Systems
ATCi offers several unique in-stock, or custom flyaway packages that meet customers' needs at a price that can't be beat. The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system provides broadcast The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna systemquality transmissions from any remote location.
Designed for field locations installation, set up time is simple and fast allowing broadband content to be transmitted and received any time, any where. Contact ATCi: 1.480.844.8501 or visit our Website.
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CITEL Reliabilty in Surge Protection Since 1937
Citel CITEL manufactures two types of products: Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD). For many years, CITEL has diversified its range to provide surge protection devices (modules) adapted to the increasing sensitivity of electronic equipment. By adding secondary components to gas tubes, CITEL has designed a full range of products to protect AC power systems, data/signal networks and high frequency equipment. CITEL provides transient protection for all applications within a customer’s facility or remote site. Please see us at the IWCE and Electric West, March 18-20 in Las Vegas.
Citel Inc.
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TrilithicXFTP by Trilithic continues the Leakage Standard
Control system leakage
, perform government-mandated proof-of-performance tests and identify the small leaks with the leakage standard for more than 20 years. Trilithic's Super Plusâ„¢ has a high immunity to "false alarms," perfect for identifying leaks in noisy or overbuilt areas in coordination with tagging technology. Likewise, the Searcher Plus GTâ„¢ includes these leakage standards without the use of a tagged leakage test signal, specifically for systems employing digital set top terminals.
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Low-Cost MPEG Monitor
Triveni Digital Inc. StreamScopeâ„¢ RM-40 - Low-cost, remote MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring for cable operators, telcos, and IPTV networks
• Automated stream comparison
• Storage of 14 days of transport stream information
• SCTE-142 support for a graduated error-severity scale
• Metadata monitoring including PSIP/SI
Triveni Digital Inc.
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New Advanced QAM / MPEG Analyzer from IneoQuest
Ineoquest New Cricket QAM Plus is a portable and powerful QAM Analyzer for Cable System operators that need to monitor, analyze, debug, and resolve video quality issues at the network edge. RF metrics provided by Cricket QAM Plus, RF Power Levels, MER/BER, Carrier Offset, Constellation Diagrams, Symbol Rate Offset, and more, are also found on other products costing twice as much. Cricket QAM Plus also includes MPEG monitoring and analysis. All this functionality is offered on two tuners providing more coverage and is perfect for monitoring each service group. The Cricket QAM Plus is setting the industry price performance benchmark.
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Portable MPEG Analysis Tools
Sencore Sencore has the tools you need to ensure the delivery of the perfect digital TV experience. The MSA 1850 MPEG Service Analyzer enables you to analyze compressed audio, video, and data services on any terrestrial broadcast, cable head-end, satellite, or telco network. The DTU-236 RF Probe and RFXpert software provides real-time analysis and monitoring of terrestrial signals (8-VSB, QAM A/B/C). Contact Sencore today to discuss solutions that will enable you high-quality content throughout your network.
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DOCSIS 3.0 Testing
Alt Text Goes Here Trilithic’s new embedded DOCSIS 3.0 modem for the 860 DSPi Filed Analyzer performs all of the tests needed to maintain DOCSIS 3. Versatile capabilities range from installation to plant maintenance applications to 1 GHz. Integrates with workforce management systems for improved productivity.
Significant new features/options:
• CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 Modem
• DOCSIS 3.0 testing; Autotest to limits for simplification, consistency and productivity
• QAM in-channel spectrum with EVS and TraffiControl™
• FDR for drop cable testing
Complete list of features available online. 
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Handheld Optical Channel Analyzer
JDSU The JDSU Optical Channel Checker (OCC) performs wavelength and power measurements on DWDM & CWDM networks. This new class of handheld testers provides a low-cost alternative to optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs).

The OCC automatically scans power levels for channels defined in the ITU-T grid and with advanced ease-of-use features, provides workforce efficiencies for today's technicians.
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