ETV - Ligos tunes up ETV version of Mosaic

With interactive TV gaining momentum this year, Ligos Corp. said it has developed an ETV/EBIF version of its Mosaic.

The new Mosaic targets service operators that are adopting CableLabs’ EBIF specification for interactive applications.

MSOs currently use Ligos’ Mosaic to group similar programming – such as news, sports, children’s, special events and VOD – together, and to incorporate advertising and service promotions to generate new revenue streams.

EBIF-based - ETV Mosaic
An example of an EBIF-based VOD barker channel.

“Our new ETV Mosaic makes it possible for more providers to deliver this viewing experience to their subscribers,” said Mark Koziol, CEO of Ligos. “This is only the first of our plans for the EBIF platform. Further out we foresee incorporating personalized data feeds to further enhance Mosaic channels, and we’re planning other compelling applications that will add value to the ETV experience for both providers and their subscribers.”

Previously, Ligos’ Mosaic was primarily integrated with program guides from vendors such as Macrovision, Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

Ligos’ ETV Mosaic targets the 15 million EBIF-enabled subscriber set-top boxes planned for this year. Ligos said the Mosaic application has been optimized for those set-top boxes in order to load quickly and be compatible with ETV user agents from Biap and TVWorks.

Electroline intros ELink

Electroline Equipment Inc. has introduced the ELink Headend Optics platform.

The product line is based on a 17-slot, 3RU chassis that can be configured with any combination of transmitters, receivers, fiber amplifiers and redundant power supplies. All of the modules are hot-swappable.

ELink provides a cost-effective solution for node splits in HFC networks, RF over glass and xPON overlay applications.

ELink Headend Optics platform

Al Kernes, Electroline’s vice president of sales, said: “The company is expanding its optics line, recognizing that broadband fiber and coaxial networks require products that are reliable, utilize state-of-the-art technology, occupy a small footprint and are cost-effective. Electrol- ine’s ELink platform meets that market need.”

Electroline has more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing products for HFC and fiber-to-the-home networks. The company provides broadband offerings, including DOCSIS- and Euro-DOCSIS-based status monitoring transponders and temperature-hardened cable modems, optical transmission products, addressable tap systems, return path ingress management technology, drop amplifiers and passive cable TV devices.

Espial upgrades MediaBase 

Espial Group has released the Espial MediaBase version 9.0 VOD platform, which boasts enhanced performance on next-gen, commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and extended support for operators.

With the VOD platform, large operators can deliver up to 1,000 captures, 150 TB of storage and 265 Gbps of streaming video from a single rack, and smaller operators can achieve streaming throughput from 400 Mbps up to 37.5 Gbps, with up to 100 captures on a single server.

The platform has demonstrated the ability to support 30,000 time-shifted TV, nDVR, RS-DVR and VOD sessions per hour on a simulated large system deployment, Espial said.

Espial’s MediaBase also features: packet loss recovery to maintain video quality over networks with high packet loss; support for simultaneous VOD, nPVR, RS-DVR and time-shifted TV services (Start Over, Catch Up, Replay and Delayed TV); cable back office support; compliance with ISA/NGOD standards; and integration with the latest version of the OpenStream Digital Services platform from Tandberg Television.