FIBER OPTICS - Fiber-to-the-MDU

Lindsay's FTTM
Lindsay's FTTM

PETERBOROUGH, OntarioLindsay Broadband Inc. has announced its FTTM (Fiber-to-the-MDU), a compact, 1 GHz fiber node system that features a 10-hour battery backup UPS in a lockable, polycarbonate enclosure for interior installations.

“Cable operators frequently experience reliability issues in MDUs that do not have standby power,” said Dave Atman, president of Lindsay Broadband, in a statement. “Our new FTTM product includes a backup power system, increasing both reliability and QoS for all advanced digital services.”

The FTTM solution incorporates high output and low power consumption GaAs technology and transfers power from AC to battery in 0 ms. The device includes surge protection for the RF I/O ports, LED indicator lights, an integrated fiber splice tray and optional WDM technology for two-way services.

In-home network tester

SUNNYVALE, Calif.Spirent Communications plc has announced its Tech-X Flex, a handheld network and service quality tester made to identify and troubleshoot IP video services within the consumer’s home. The company says that Spirent’s Tech-X Flex testerthe modular unit is the first solution to support testing of IP video service quality over Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) networks. Tech-X Flex also supports in-home networking technologies such as Ethernet and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Using Tech-X Flex, telcos and cable operators can verify and troubleshoot both network and service related issues inside the customer premise.

The tester provides technicians with the ability to conduct in-home qualification of MoCA, along with 10/100 Ethernet and802.11 networks in a single unit. With both dual MoCA and dual Ethernet interfaces, Tech-X Flex offers field techs an in-line monitoring solution that helps them avoid issues with proprietary signaling between the set-top box and the video server.

The PC-like capabilities of Tech-X Flex allow integration with back office systems, limiting the need to take the laptop out of the truck. Automated expert diagnostics accelerate the field troubleshooting process by analyzing and correlating various test results to identify faults and prioritize those with the greatest impact on service, according to Spirent.

Tru2way remotes 

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.Contec Holdings Ltd. has unveiled its new tru2way-compliant Synergy remote controls. The Synergy 5 models support the latest HD/DVR set-top boxes from Motorola, Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Samsung and Pace and have a range of features designed to simplify their programming and operation.

The newest Synergy models are equipped with an expanded code library on a 64k upgradable flash memory chip and are available with and without backlighting. The backlit models come with programmable keypad backlighting.

Mini-connector series 

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – To help maximize limited installation space, Pico Macom is introducing its series of Mini-Connectors for the CableNet line. The Mini-Connectors have a frequency range up to 3 GHz and are available in F, RCA and BNC types. The company has designed them for all high-end digital or analog wiring installations, and they can be used with any 75-ohm 0.160-inch diameter mini-coax cable, according to the company. Technical personnel can use standard compression tools to install the Mini-F, Mini-BNC and Mini-RCA connectors. The single-piece design simplifies installation and reduces assembly time, while the sealed cable-to-connector interface protection prevents water migration through the connector collar.

The company is also offering seven color-coded rings (black, blue, green, purple, red, white and yellow) to ensure easy identification.