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Mainstream Innovations Mainstream Innovations is the simple, safe, sure source for the best in CATV hardware. Our guaranteed quality, unmatched expertise, instantaneous response and personalized service might almost make you forget how much you saved. So make us your single source for new or refurbished equipment. And start saving money. Time. Effort. Call 315-498-6600, or visit today.
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ViewTEQ Power Meter and Light Sources
ViewTEQ ViewTEQ's VPM-26 is a reliable, easy-to-use optical power meter for accurate measurement of six calibrated wavelengths: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490 & 1550nm. With a measurement range of -50 to +26dBm, it is particularly suited for performing measurements on CATV optical transmitters, EDFA's and fiber nodes. When used with a VLS-1310, VLS-1550, or VLS-13/15 Light Source, it allows precise measurement of optical loss. Other nm wavelength configurations are available.
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Times Fiber QuickPrep Enhances Reliability/Speed of Installations
Times Fiber QuickPrep is a Tri Shield 77% braid Series 6 coax premise cable that features an enhanced outer tape configuration enabling simple connector preparation for both service technicians and consumers. This unique design eliminates the need to remove the troublesome outer tape commonly associated with Tri Shield cable because the outer tape is removed with the outer jacket. No special tools or connectors are required. Give QuickPrep a try and enhance the speed and reliability of your installations.
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NEW - PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System
 JDSU's new PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System As the competition for digital video subscribers continues to intensify, Cable Network Operators have to ensure that the content or digital payload is error free. JDSU's new PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System can help you to segment forward path video problems in minutes instead of hours by proactively measuring and monitoring Video, VoIP and HSD carriers for QAM RF and MPEG impairments down to each individual program in your network.
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