POWERING - ‘Green’ power rectifier

power rectifier
Eltek Valere’s AC-to-DC power rectifier

RICHARDSON, TexasEltek Valere has unveiled an AC-to-DC power rectifier for telecom applications that offers 96 percent typical power conversion efficiency – its Flatpack2 HE Rectifier Module 48/2000.The Flatpack2 HE is the first in a line of high-efficiency rectifiers from Eltek Valere that will help carriers reduce their power consumption dramatically, according to the company. The unit is a standalone 48-volt rectifier and battery charger that provides up to 2,000 watts of power for telecom applications. The rectifier has a voltage input range of 85-300 VAC and a maximum output current of 41.7 amps. It features protection capabilities including over voltage shutdown, blocking diode, short circuit and high temperature protection. The module has a front-to-back airflow with chassis-integrated heat sinks.The units have a wide operating temperature range of -40 degrees to 85 degrees and are small in size. The Flatpack2 HE features a controller area network (CAN) bus interface to allow it to communicate with Eltek Valere’s Smartpack controller or to be integrated into customer cabinets.The Smartpack controller provides control and monitoring of rectifiers and other system elements.

Broadband bonding

SAN DIEGO,Calif.Mushroom Networks Inc. has unveiled its Truffle (BBNA6401) broadband bonding solution which targets the enterprise, multi-tenant buildings and broadband service provider markets. Developed to bridge the gap of limited bandwidth options available for expanding local networks, Truffle bonds together as many as six high-speed Internet connections to form a virtual single broadband pipe. In addition, any combination of access technologies including DSL, cable modem, T-1 circuits or fiber can be blended, resulting in download speeds of up to 65 Mbps or the option to link multiple Truffles for higher bandwidth potential, according to the company.

Truffle broadband bonding solution
Mushroom’s Truffle broadband bonding solution

Truffle provides this high-speed bonded link access to the Internet by optimizing the use of available connection resources without requiring coordination with the ISPs or any changes to the local network. Dissimilar types of broadband access can be combined in any manner, resulting in greater reliability due to the redundancy of the connected links.  If one or more of the bonded links fails or is degraded, Truffle transparently spreads the traffic across the remaining links in real-time without any interruptions.


Monitoring probe 

monitoring probe
Triveni Digital’s monitoring probe

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J.Triveni Digital has announced its new StreamScope Enterprise Monitor (EM-40), an enterprise-wide service quality assurance solution. The StreamScope EM-40 detects, localizes, analyzes, isolates and remedies faults impacting video services based on prede-fined rules. These capabilities allow broadcasters, service providers, and IPTV networks to reduce customer down-time and complaint response costs by providing the user full remote analysis of any monitored streams. Alarms are generated when a transport stream has fallen outside a specified configuration.

The company has also added the RM-40SE RF monitoring probe to its StreamScope line. The probe is a 24/7 unattended remote monitoring instrument that performs comprehensive MPEG video monitoring for real-time RF streams. The monitoring solution verifies DTV transport streams carried by service providers including cable, telcos, satellite, mobile TV and IPTV operators.

Video monitoring

MILPITAS, Calif. – JDSU has introduced the latest in its DTS product line – the MVP-200, an MPEG video probe for monitoring and troubleshooting digital video at the network edge. The monitoring tool is available in rack-mount form with an added rapid channel scan capability, providing operators with a tool for validating the performance of video across IP, ASI and QAM signals. To meet demands spawned by video technologies such as switched digital video, addressable advertising, and digital simulcast, operators are forced to manage increasingly more technical processes at the network edge. The MVP-200 helps to manage those edge processes by performing tests for Digital Program Insertion, ad splicing, rate shaping, grooming, MPEG remuxing, encryption and modulation.