FIBER OPTICS - Mini-node

SIERRA VILLAGE, Calif.Olson Technology Inc. has released its OTPN-MDN-870 mini-node, which has a wide optical input range of -8 to +4.5 dBm. The high RF output of the node (+38 dBmV per channel), along with its digitally adjustable attenuator and equalizer, eliminate the need to open the unit and exchange PADS and EQs. An accurate digital optical input power meter is also built in and is displayed on the top of the unit.

OTPN-MDN-870 mini-node
Olson Technology Inc.’s OTPN-MDN-870 mini-node

The mini-node may be purchased initially as a node receiver only, or with an integral return path transmitter. Return path transmitter modules are available in 1310 nm, 1550 nm and CWDM configurations. The 1310 nm models are either an FP or a DFB laser, while the 1550 nm and CWDM modules are based on DFB lasers. Users can match the units with Olson’s OTOT-870 CATV transmitter.

Handheld test set

SAN JOSE, Calif.Sunrise Telecom Inc. has unveiled the SunSet MTT-30Z Fibre Channel Module, a handheld test set which supports 1, 2 and 4 Gigabit fibre channel testing with full port login of switch fabric. The new test set is suited for service providers provisioning or diagnosing high-performance Storage Area Networks (SAN) in fibre channel, ESCON and FICON.

Fibre Channel Module
Sunrise Telecom’s Fibre Channel Module

The MTT-30Z offers a full suite of tests, making it suitable for validating the transport FTTx backbone used to supply SAN services. The unit provides traffic generation and measurements to help verify end-to-end transport of fibre channel, ESCON and FICON and to determine throughput and link initialization.

The unit’s F_Port, N_Port and E_Port login with optimal buffer-to-buffer credit management enables technicians to perform Fibre Channel port login of switch fabric and manages buffer-to-buffer credits for tracking the compliance of service level agreements. In addition, BER test, roundtrip delay, bandwidth sweep and RFC2544-like automatic testing ensures quick and accurate measurement and diagnosis of SAN service performance and quality.

The MTT-30Z is part of the MTT modular handheld platform. The unit’s modular design enables users to switch between different testing applications, including: access infrastructure (copper, ADSL2+, VDSL/VDSL2 and SHDSL); access services (VoIP, IPTV and VOD); Metro, Fibre Channel and Ethernet (BERT and QoS); transport infrastructure (E1/T1, E3/ T3, datacom, SDH/ SONET, ISDN BRI/ PRI, GSM, GR303, SS7, V5.1/V5.2 and Frame Relay); and optical (OTDR, C/DWDM channel monitoring, Power Meter and end to end loss).

 Bar code labels 

DUNEDIN, Fla.Mintek Mobile Data Solutions has created a standalone application for cable companies that will enable warehouse personnel to generate and print four-part bar code labels without having Mintek’s Subscriber Equipment Tracking System (SETS). According to Lind Hutton, president of Mintek, the company will give the application away to interested warehouse operators.

In cable warehouse settings where SETS is not used, the bar code label application will add efficiency to inventory tracking processes, according to the company. When cable boxes or other items such as modems are shipped to a warehouse, they arrive with a serial number CD that is provided by the manufacturer. The items can also be scanned with a Windows Mobile device. Mintek’s application will enable the data on the CD or the Windows Mobile device to be converted to four-part labels that can be printed with a bar code label printer.

Ground bars

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. – Harger Lightning & Grounding has introduced a new feature for its line of ground bars – tamper-resistant hardware. The ground bars are manufactured from electrolytic tough pitch 110 alloy copper and include low-profile, tamper-resistant, stainless steel hardware to reduce incidents of theft. The ground bars are UL Listed. The company is a manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment, as well as exothermic welding materials for the communications and electrical industries. Harger also provides design and engineering services.