CED Product Showcase
Simulsat: The Multibeam Advantage  
 ATCi's Simulsat continues to dominate the multibeam market. Simulsat has the capacity to receive signals from 35 satellites at the same time. Available in 3 size and performance variations, Simulsat takes up less space than two parabolic antennas. In addition, as new satellites launch, new programming options appear, or existing satellites are moved, a simple change of feed location is all it takes.
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Trilithic's 860 DSPi Only Gets Better 
 The 860 DSPi's remarkable evolution includes extremely attractive new features, such as high speed throughput (up to 40 Mbps); 16/64 QAMsource for upstream analysis; unsolicited grant service implementation for VoIP RTP testing; in-service CSO/CTB testing with a 3rd party line blanker; 8VSB signal analysis; and VITS testing. These features merely complement an unprecedented range of test functions in an adaptable cable application specific field analyzer, including full system sweep to 1 GHz, return alignment, and ingress analysis capabilities.
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 Trilithic - Installer's Signal Level MeterInstaller's Signal Level Meter  
Introducing the TR-2 signal level meter from XFTP by Trilithic. This basic SLM is an economical solution ideal for your basic HFC installation needs. This simple to use meter provides fast and efficient measurements including: signal level measurement, Tilt measurement to balance your system, carrier-to-noise measurements, and a voltmeter function and features an extended battery life. The TR-2 is also Digital signal ready with convenient corrections for Digital power. Contact XFTP by Trilithic, or locate a distributor online... For more information: Click here.  
Vyatta (VC3) Open-Source Router, Firewall, VPN  
 Vyatta - Vyatta (VC3) Open-Source Router, Firewall, VPNVyatta delivers open-source networking (router, firewall, VPN) solutions that leverage x86 hardware to deliver flexible deployment options (x86-servers, blades, virtualized), an affordable upgrade path and the ability to add applications as needed. Try Vyatta for a flexible, affordable alternative to Cisco 1800 thru 7200 routers and ASA security appliances. Download Free Software
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Business & Residential Voice Services
 MetaSwitch - MetaSwitch Business & Residential Voice ServicesMetaSwitch offers a comprehensive solution for Cable operators interested in quickly and effectively entering commercial and residential voice markets of any size, from a few hundred to millions of subscribers.

Committed to both PacketCable 2.0 and Telco standards including IMS, MetaSwitch delivers carrier class quality and interoperates with standards-based customer premise devices. For more information: Click here.  

Sunrise Telecom Introduces the New CM2000  
 Sunrise Telecom - Sunrise Telecom Introduces the New CM2000This powerful cable modem network analyzer sets the standard for testing high-speed data, VoIP telephone, and digital and analog video services. With a full VGA color display and intuitive Windows CE operating system, it's easy to perform a range of automated test suites and customizable test functions (analog and digital SLM, VoIP, and DOCSIS® 2.0) that speed installations, reduce repair time, and increase QoS.
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