SAN DIEGO – Pico Macom has introduced its HD-ATSC, an 8-VSB/HD digital decoder. The new set-top box is designed to work with both high-definition and non-HD television sets.

8-VSB/HD digital decoder
Pico Macom’s 8-VSB/HD digital decoder

The HD-ATSC will take a high definition or a standard-definition 8-VSB digital signal and convert it to analog video and audio output. The unit features three separate outputs: an analog video and audio output for compatibility with non-HDTV sets, and component and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) outputs for viewing on full HD sets.

The unit features an operating frequency range of 54-860 MHz and offers “excellent” noise figure, adjacent channel rejection and image rejection specifications, according to the company. The unit’s wide range equalizer eliminates multipath effects.

The HD-ATSC also features a user-friendly set-up guide that allows for easy channel mapping and installation, with auto scan of programmed channels. In addition, the unit is equipped with ATSC-compliant forward error correction decoding tools that enable the reception of digital terrestrial signals in weak signal conditions.



CLEVELAND, Ohio – TOA Technologies, a provider of Customer Appointment Management (CAM) solutions for managing a mobile workforce, has released its new ETAdirect 3.3 Mobility Solution. The new version of the ETAdirect application suite includes enhanced routing and mapping functions through integration with Google Maps, GPS support and an intuitive user interface, according to TOA. These enhancements help companies who manage a mobile workforce route and track onsite service and installation personnel. With ETAdirect 3.3, appointments can be accurately scheduled and monitored, says the company.

The solution’s integration with Google Maps provides dispatch functionality from within the Google Maps window using AJAX technology. This integration means that dispatchers do not have to leave the Google Maps window within ETAdirect when dispatching, managing and monitoring their mobile employees. This feature is fully functional out of the box in any browser. Improved routing functions help reduce technician travel times via efficient management of appointment scheduling.

The TOA ETAdirect 3.3 Solution Suite is Web-based and works on any device with a Web browser, including a variety of handhelds and mobile phones, to provide real-time appointment tracking along with proactive updates to the customer through automated calls and text messages.



OCAP-COMPLIANT REMOTESHARRISON, N.Y. – Universal Remote Control Inc. (URC) has unveiled its new series of OCAP-compliant remote controls. The five-function OCAP-compliant CLIKR-5 models combine simplified programming setup and use, and desirable feature options such as full-keypad backlighting, learning capability and upgradeability.

They also feature multiple set-top box (STB) interoperability, which ensures that all units will interchangeably operate all Motorola, Scientific Atlanta, Pioneer, Pace and Samsung digital STBs, regardless of factory-programmed default, according to URC.

Also new from the company is a four-function OCAP-compliant MDVR2 model that offers many of the same feature options as the CLIKR-5. Both the CLIKR-5 and MDVR2 models are designed and engineered to fully comply with the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) specifications, according to URC.



MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Thomas & Betts has added a 90-degree connector to its line of Snap-N-Seal products. The new 90-degree connector gives existing Snap-N-Seal customers installation options without additional investment in new tooling. The connector features the same 360-degree compression technology as is standard for Snap-N-Seal products and is designed for use with SCTE specification Series 6 coax cables.