The TE-900B is a technologically advanced signal level meter that can be configured to suit a wide range of applications for the installation, verification and maintenance of TV and data systems for Terrestrial, Cable TV and Satellite transmissions. The TE-900B uses an icon based universal keyboard and On Screen Display (OSD), providing intuitive access to the many functions. It incorporates a Datalogger for data recording, remote control and printing for both data and spectrum. Click here.

Seeker GPS Leakage Management System
Equip every vehicle in your fleet with a high performance GPS leakage management system that costs no more than a conventional leak detector. The Seeker GPS -based leakage management system is ideal for drive-outs, leak documentation and troubleshooting. And better yet, the system is very cost-effective, allowing general deployment in entire fleet because complete mobile installation cost is less than some stand alone leakage detectors. Maximum efficiency is achievable through totally automatic operation and leakage record upload via Internet or WiFi. The system is also compatible with CLT APLAS 3i and various other Leakage Management Applications. Click here.

WAZU (Wireless Access Zone Unit)
Lindsay Broadband delivers a CATV hardened and standards based WiFi one box solution housed in a water and EMI proof housing. Powered by 30-90 VAC with optional 120VAC main and POE (power over Ethernet). Stations come complete with JXP type attenuators for setting up and down stream modem sweet spots with -20dB external test points. The WAZU is perfect for plant extensions and hotspots with a simplistic cost-effective approach and proven technology that is technician friendly. Click here.

Bandwidth Optimization for Voice Service Platforms
For cable operators delivering voice services, Sycamore DNX Multiservice Cross-Connects: "X Optimize port utilization on VoIP gateways, routers, and switches, reducing service delivery costs "X Maximize the switching/routing capacity utilization of service platforms, driving additional savings DNX platforms are right-sized for initial deployments, yet scalable for service expansion. From fractional T1/E1 through OC-3/STM-1, DNX solutions reliably perform cross-connect, traffic grooming and concentration, and diagnostic functions in networks worldwide.Click here.

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