Stratos’ dual channel media converterDual T-1 media converter

CHICAGO–Stratos Optical Technologies has unveiled a dual channel media product that converts T-1 data rates to fiber optic cable. The converter can be integrated into the backshell of an HMA Expanded Beam bulkhead connector.

The new product combines RJ45 interconnected T-1 data with fiber optic HMA Expanded Beam technology, providing dual 1.544 Mbps data rate media conversion from copper to fiber and back for tactical communication applications.

The compact converter eliminates the need for a separate fiber modem, providing a lighter weight solution. By enabling the use of fiber optic transport, the media converter also provides protection from electromagnetic interference and signal detectability, according to the company.

The Dual T-1 media converter combines high data rate capability with Expanded Beam technology pioneered by Stratos for harsh environments. The HMA version of Expanded Beam technology includes an optical lens system that provides immunity from contaminants that can damage the fiber end-face. The Expanded Beam series can be installed and repaired in the field for a rapid, real-time upgrade, according to Stratos.


CTDI’s fiber optic cable assembliesFiber optic cable assemblies

WEST CHESTER, Pa.–Communications Test Design Inc. (CTDI) has introduced a line of customized fiber optic cable assemblies, which are available in simplex, duplex and up to 24-pair fan-out construction, with SC, LC and ST connector options. They are constructed using singlemode or multimode fiber. Hybrid connection and custom length assemblies are also available. All products meet Telcordia GR-326 compliance standards and undergo rigorous in-house testing to ensure quality, according to the company.

The new line is the latest addition to CTDI’s Products Division, which includes the eLuminant and GoDigital lines, plus a number of DSL, broadband and access transport products.=


Targeted advertising

Princeton, N.J.–INVIDI Technologies Corp. has unveiled its Advertising Decision System (ADS), which makes it possible to send targeted television media to the correct household. ADS integrates advertising applications, data resources and distribution technologies to deliver targeted addressable television advertising on cable, satellite and IPTV system infrastructures, giving advertisers and media buyers a delivery platform that directs television spots to millions of digital households.

Working with ADVATAR, INVIDI ADS provides addressable advertising across a wide array of real-time and time-shifted digital set-top boxes and satellite receivers. It allows a single point for ad campaign management that supports audience aggregation, national broadcast commercial targeting at the individual viewer level, and the ability to place multiple advertisements in a single commercial break.

ADS and ADVATAR work on both Motorola and Scientific Atlanta DSTB platforms as well as with a range of third-party user interfaces, VOD servers, targeted advertising solutions and interactive advertising services providers.


Forensic marking solution

BURBANK, Calif.– Thomson has introduced the NexGuard forensic marking solution for Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 (WMV 9). The NexGuard WMV 9 suite of tools is a software package for deterring piracy of WMV 9 or VC-1 main profile-formatted files.

The solution integrates into the workflow for producing files with the Microsoft codec.

The package includes the NexGuard video watermarking technology and Embedder and Investigator tools. The Embedder workstation inserts a unique, transaction-specific NexGuard watermark into the encoded content, which is either sent to business clients or delivered on-line to consumers via streaming media or video-on-demand (VOD).

NexGuard’s forensic mark is invisible and robust, according to Thomson.