MX960 Ethernet Services Router
As the industry's largest capacity, highest density Ethernet platform, the new MX960 Ethernet Services Router from Juniper Networks has established a new industry benchmark for Ethernet capacity, density and performance. With up to 960 gigabits per second of capacity, well over twice the scale and density of competitive platforms, the MX960 enables MSOs to deliver new, bandwidth-intensive services, including:
  • High-speed Internet
  • HD Video
  • HD Gaming
  • Interactive Video
Offering performance at scale, advanced QoS, and service flexibility, the MX960 is built on the same JUNOS operating system deployed and proven in thousands of networks worldwide and extends the Juniper's strengths in high-performance routing to the Ethernet space. click here.

Seeker GPS Leakage Management System
Equip every vehicle in your fleet with a high performance GPS leakage management system that costs no more than a conventional leak detector. The Seeker GPS -based leakage management system is ideal for drive-outs, leak documentation and troubleshooting. And better yet, the system is very cost-effective, allowing general deployment in entire fleet because complete mobile installation cost is less than some stand alone leakage detectors. Maximum efficiency is achievable through totally automatic operation and leakage record upload via Internet or WiFi. The system is also compatible with CLT APLAS 3i and various other Leakage Management Applications. For more information click here.

Electroline EDX Mini Node
With it's high 50dBmV 1GHz output and variety of return laser options, the EDX Mini Node is the perfect solution for MDUs, and commercial complexes such as universities, hospitals, and business parks. The CWDM return transmitter option with WDM combines multiple two-way nodes on a single fiber - up to 8 buildings on a single fiber. The EDX is ideal for advanced FTTH and fiber-to-the-building applications eliminating the need for post-node amplifiers in the network.
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Installer's Signal Level Meter
Introducing the TR-2 signal level meter from XFTP by Trilithic. This basic SLM is an economical solution ideal for your basic HFC installation needs. This simple to use meter provides fast and efficient measurements including: signal level measurement, Tilt measurement to balance your system, carrier-to-noise measurements, and a voltmeter function and features an extended battery life. The TR-2 is also Digital signal ready with convenient corrections for Digital power. Contact XFTP by Trilithic, or locate a distributor online at

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