Comcast announced the launch of it Xfinity On Campus service at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. Xfinity On Campus is a service that lets college students watch live TV and on-demand content on their IP-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The addition of this student amenity provides approximately 1,000 students with the service.

Xfinity On Campus offers around 80 live cable channels including every major broadcast network, as well as channels like AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central, ESPN, FX, and MTV. Comcast reports the service is available to students living on campus at no additional cost and allows access to thousands of current season TV shows and movies on-demand.

Adva Optical Networking launched its FSP Network Hypervisor software that it says has been specifically designed to help service providers automate service discovery and service activation, especially when paired with the company’s FSP 3000 DCI and network infrastructure solution. It creates an abstracted view of the underlying physical infrastructure helping to decouple the complexities of managing photonic transmission systems while enabling greater network automation and optimization, according to Adva. It reportedly has been engineered to work with all open source and commercial SDN controllers.

Adva says the FSP Network Hypervisor has been specifically developed to help migrate legacy networks to cloud-optimized infrastructures. The company reports that one of the key elements is a hypervisor that can act as a domain controller for the optical layer, and with this software, service providers can move away from static networks to far more automated and responsive cloud architectures.

“The ADVA FSP Network Hypervisor essentially assists service providers with topology discovery and abstraction, connectivity management, path computation, and notifications, ” Adva says in a statement.“This in turn leads to self-provisioned services, automated resiliency and optimized resource utilization. These are critical features for any CSP or ICP seeking real-time cloud connectivity and multi-layer network optimization, especially for SDN/NFV-centric network architectures, such as the central office re-architected as a data center (CORD).”

Calix announced what it says is the world’s first NG-PON2 demonstration in a live network. New Zealand’s Northpower Fibre reportedly leveraged the same E7-2 modular access system that it is deploying throughout its network to deliver 10 Gbps speeds over multiple wavelengths to 812NG GigaHubs located in a business premises and residential home in Whangarei.

“This landmark achievement ushers in a new era for service providers, as they begin to fully leverage the true potential of fiber for both an unmatched subscriber experience as well as for business transformation,” Calix says in a statement. “As Northpower Fibre begins in the future to deploy more widely NG-PON2 enabled systems armed with Calix AXOS … the company can begin to dramatically drive down its OPEX and CAPEX profile by further converging disparate business, residential, and backhaul services onto one simple-to-operate network.”

Calix further says that in time, NG-PON2 will enable Northpower Fibre to differentiate itself in a growing ultra-fast broadband marketplace stimulated by the New Zealand government’s second phase of its UFB program. A new video the demonstration can be viewed here.