Universal Electronics Inc. announced from CES 2017 in Las Vegas that it is supplying a new Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) advanced voice remote for the newly launched AirTV Player. The vendor reports the integration of its QuickSet Cloud in the AirTV Player represents an important milestone in the adoption of its technologies by over-the-top programmers and distributors.

“We celebrate the strong consumer focus in the dynamic feature-rich AirTV Player. Our QuickSet Cloud solution enables the remote to recognize any brand of connected audio and video equipment, and the voice control offers consumers the most powerful and easy-to-use content search technology. The look and feel of this device truly makes it stand out,” Universal Electronics Chairman and CEO Paul Arling says.

The remote features dedicated buttons for Sling TV, Netflix, and Google as well as a programmable “hot button” to program favorite channels. QuickSet is powered by QuickSet Cloud technology, and the AirTV remote includes a new control function dubbed One Touch View, enabling users to automatically power on devices and switch inputs in the AV system for instant access to AirTV channels with one touch of a button.

The Android TV integration powered by UEI’s connectivity solution (UAPI) reportedly extends the user interface into the remote itself, including a “finder” feature, designed to help users locate the remote if it’s lost, and in-field firmware updates for future feature releases.

Celeno Communications and Airgain Inc. entered into an agreement to collaborate on the delivery of a smart antenna platform based on the Celeno CL2400 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4 radio and its Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) technology. The resultant reference design solution reportedly will provide system designers and manufacturers with the blueprints for a smart antenna enabled 4x4 MIMO gigabit gateway design that will form the basis for the next generation of gigabit gateways and set-top boxes to be deployed by cable operators and other telecommunications providers.

The collaboration is said to leverage Airgain’s expertise in RF and switched smart antenna design and Celeno’s CL2400 chipset’s proprietary SAS silicon and software technology, which enables the CL2400 to dynamically select four antenna elements out of an array of up to 16 elements on both transmit and receive. The SAS-enabled reference design system will provide multimodes of operation per RF chain, allowing dynamic diversity set selection for improved immunity to device orientation and mobility, while enhancing system performance in multi-floor and multi-room scenarios, according to a press release.

“Service providers are looking for wireless solutions that not only meet the performance metrics but also can physically fit within the shrinking footprint of next-generation home gateways and set-top boxes. Smart antenna technology is one way to extend the realizable performance of a 4x4 MIMO based system to meet telecom and cable operator high-end performance expectations within a limited space budget,” Jacob Suen, Airgain’s VP, worldwide sales, notes.