At CES 2017 in Las Vegas this week, Cirrent announced ZipKey, a new WiFi capability that allows consumer electronics to automatically and securely connect to the internet right out of the box. Cirrent also announced that Comcast is supporting ZipKey for its Xfinity internet subscribers. In addition, four consumer products manufacturers, including D-Link, Emberlight, LockState, and smanos, will reportedly Zipkey-enable their products starting this year, and Bose demonstrated a ZipKey-enabled SoundTouch WiFi speaker.

According to Cirrent, connected products can be ZipKey-enabled with just a firmware update and there is no hardware change necessary. With the firmware and SDK downloadable from Cirrent’s website, product companies can “quickly and easily add this new capability, and bring ease of use and security benefits to their customers.”

Universal Electronics was selected by WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone to develop and manufacture remote control optimized for the operator’s whole-home DVR services.

“UEI is helping us deliver exciting new user-friendly features in a remote control design that simplifies the way viewers interact with video content,” Cash Hagen, COO of WOW!, says “We know our customers will love the look and feel, and find it’s a powerful touchpoint for their video experience.”

The most notable new feature of the remote is said to be a dedicated Netflix key, which enables the user to easily access the streaming service with the push of a button. This feature eliminates the need to change inputs on the TV or change devices to access the streaming service. The remote also will include range of enhanced capabilities including embedded RF4CE technology, laser-etched keys and backlighting, optimized number of keys, and simplified three-key setup process.

Verimatrix and Samsung Electronics announced at CES an expanded partnership to ensure the 2017 line of Samsung Smart TVs comply with the Ultra HD (UHD) and 4K content guidelines set by MovieLabs’ Specifications for next-generation video and enhanced content protection. The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) Ultra architecture, which includes hardware-based VideoMark forensic watermarking, is integrated with Samsung’s next-generation smart TV platform to establish a secure chain-of-custody across the UHD ecosystem.

“The proliferation of UHD and 4K content has amplified threats of IP-sourced piracy, putting a direct target on Smart TVs. Therefore, it is essential that emerging technology adopts a balanced integrated approach built around MovieLabs’ requirements to protect UHD and 4K content,” Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix, says. “Samsung’s decision to integrate VideoMark watermarking as part of VCAS Ultra optimally positions its future Smart TVs to secure high-quality content, pushing Samsung ahead in the race against piracy.”

Through an infrastructure of integrated VideoMark watermarking technology and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) support, VCAS Ultra reportedly presents “a formidable barrier to piracy” underpinned by three pillars of MovieLabs security requirements — hardware credentials and anchors, a trusted software security environment, and forensic watermarking. This multi-pronged approach is aid to ensure that UHD and 4K content delivered by Samsung smart TVs are in full compliance with the mandate through encryption, authentication, and device revocation.