Netflix and Amazon have been offering 4K options for a while, and now rival Hulu is launching 4K Ultra HD streams. However, the Hulu 4K kickoff seems to include somewhat limited content offerings for now. The company reports its UHD support is arriving “just in time for the premiere of our newest original series, ‘Shut Eye.’” Those episodes are slated to be available to stream on Dec. 7.

Users need access to a display able to play video in 4K Ultra HD resolution like a 4K TV, as well as a good broadband internet connection, and an internet-supported device. Hulu recommends 13 Mbps minimum download speeds to stream in 4K Ultra HD. Currently, shows available in 4K Ultra HD can be streamed on a display capable of a 3840x2160 resolution connected to either Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One S.

Other Hulu originals available in 4K include “Chance,” “The Path” and “11.22.63.” The company also added the ultra high-resolution option for streaming its entire James Bond movie collection.

Beyond that, details are somewhat vague about when more UHD streams will be available. “We’ll continue to add more 4K content over the next year,” Hulu Head of Experience Ben Smith writes in a blog.

In the recent “Connected Intelligence Home Entertainment Report, 2016” put out by NPD Group, the research indicates steadily growing consumer interest in 4K with 38 percent of those surveyed saying they are very or somewhat likely to use a 4K TV in the future. That marks an increase of five percentage points from just the first quarter of this year, according to NPD. More than a third of consumers surveyed for the report are aware of 4K streaming media player availability, and this goes up to 52 percent of Millennials surveyed. Close to 40 percent of Millennial respondents also stated they have interest in future usage.

“While younger consumers are watching more video on their smartphones, they are also driving consumer interest in 4K streaming on TV, as these behaviors are not mutually exclusive,” John Buffone, executive director, industry analyst at NPD Connected Intelligence, says. “As consumers make the shift to 4K capable hardware, content providers will be working to distribute 4K content, and in-home broadband speeds will become an important consideration for viewers to ensure a smooth 4K streaming experience.”

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