Among the solutions on display at Cisco’s booth at Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia are its Infinite Video Platform, the cBR-8 converged broadband router and the Virtualized Video Processing “V2P” solution. A blog post reviewing the company’s showcases is available here.

Cisco also used the show to point out that its cBR-8 Converged Broadband Access Platform is being used by more than 100 service providers globally. According to the company, they’re achieving savings that could exceed 40 percent of capital and operating expenses over five years, compared with other converged cable access platforms (CCAP).

Among the operators now deploying the cBR-8 are Cablevision Argentina and WaveDivision Holdings to support DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities and offer Gigabit or multi-Gigabit services to their subscribers. Cablevision Argentina is one of the largest MSOs in that country with more than 3.5 million video subscribers and 2.2 million broadband subscribers.

“With this explosion of IP and video traffic, we want to continue to invest in building a more reliable network for our customers to support this growth and to offer quality experiences,” Gabriel Carro, Cablevision Argentina’s engineering manager, says. “We are confident in working with Cisco and deploying their cBR-8 technology to deliver a more agile, scalable and faster network.”

WaveDivison Holdings serves customers in Washington, Oregon and California. “We are pleased to announce our deployment of the Cisco cBR-8 and are moving ahead in implementing innovation technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1,” WaveDivision Holdings says in a statement. “Cisco’s cBR-8 technology offers the exact speed, capacity and density needed to meet the demands of our customers.”

Hitron unveiled a hand-held meter at Cable-Tec Expo this week, which the company says delivers a “precise level of detailed network information for technicians in the field, promising to be an industry disrupter due to its breakthrough low cost.”

The CGN-DP2 has an embedded 802.11n 2x2 2.4 GHz radio, and transmits network metering information to the technician’s iOS or Android device while doing away with a built-in display. That’s what removes cost as well as extending the CGN-DP2’s battery life, according to the company.

“This app-based flexibility enables MSOs to define test plans of different scenarios that the plant or install techs will require through the available SDK,” Hitron reports in a press release. “Combined with the ability to report all gathered information to the MSO, this brings flexibility, quality and accuracy for the technician as well as immediate ticket tracking, such as Certificate of Birth installation data. Furthermore, by leveraging the ubiquitous smartphone, the technician has a larger, HD-quality touch-screen experience when viewing and manipulating the data generated by the DOCSIS probe.”

The meter’s feature set includes spectrum analysis; QAM constellation and lever monitoring; upstream equalization analysis; BER and MER metrics; initialization and provisioning status; and ping and trace route utilities.

Evolution Digital announced it has signed deals with five cable operators in the National Cable Television Cooperative to offer its eVUE-TV IP Video Solution on NCTC’s newly launched VU-IT platform. A demonstration of that solution is available at the company’s booth at Cable-Tec Expo, which wraps up today.

Evolution Digital reached agreements with Advanced Cable Communications, Vast Broadband, Click! Cable TV, Schurz Communications and Westman Communications. Back in July, Evolution Digital penned an agreement with NCTC to distribute eVUE-TV as an option to members that operate under NCTC’s VU-IT! platform, a solution for back office integration, OTT apps and TiVo user interface and functionalities. The five operators named above are the first ones to begin integration of eVUE-TV to deliver to IP Video on Demand content to its customers. eVUE-TV plans to add capabilities including the delivery of IP linear channels, network DVR and TV Everywhere functionalities.

“We are very excited to announce that these five leading cable providers are the first NCTC members to offer eVUE-TV, a fully managed service that provides operators the tools to cap QAM investment and grow their IP video services,” Marc Cohen, EVP of sales at Evolution Digital, says. “eVUE-TV is one of a kind, as it cost-effectively will allow these operators to integrate a robust IP content offering into cable subscriptions including new release movies, transactional and subscription video-on-demand, as they begin the transition to complete IP distribution.”

Rich Fickle, president and CEO at NCTC comments that the VU-IT platform is addressing an important need for the operator to enable IP VOD, and this service serves as a platform to enable future IP video features.

“NCTC members are demonstrating their eagerness in adopting new technology solutions that help provide enhanced service to their customers cost effectively,” Fickle says. “Evolution Digital’s eVUE-TV is a great integration to our services, as it aggregates the most popular content available in the market on one, easy-to-use interface at the customer’s convenience.”