Thanks to “significant contributions” from Arris, RDK Management announced this morning that it was adding more support for the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard that is widely employed in Europe and other parts of the world.

The Reference Design Kit (RDK), which is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common platform for CPE devices, now supports in-band DVB Service Information (DVB-SI) elements. By throwing its support behind DVB-SI, RDK Management has further expanded its reach beyond North America.

DVB-SI provides RDK devices, which include set-top boxes, gateways and converged equipment, with in-band table of contents and the data required for electronic program guides (EPGs) and other key services.

In-band DVB-SI provides more data reliability for TV service providers that operate one-way networks, or that are in the process of transitioning to two-way networks.

Arris’ contributions extended the RDK Media Framework (RMF) to support a common method for extracting DVB streams while also providing an open source reference DVB implementation that could be adopted and extended by DVB-based operators and suppliers.

“Given the RDK’s global reach and appeal, it was imperative to deliver DVB-SI functionality to support legacy networks,” said Steve Heeb, president and general manager of RDK Management, LLC. “Thanks to a dedicated working group led by Arris and Liberty Global, operators in Europe and other parts of the world can more easily adopt the RDK across their markets.”

The newest RDK capability added to previously supported DVB components, such as teletext and subtitles that were released last year.

“Arris is fully committed to the success and adoption of the RDK in Europe, and around the world,” said Larry Robinson, president, customer premises equipment at Arris “We’re very proud to have helped drive the process and development of a DVB-SI solution that will have widespread applicability to our customers, prospects, and the broader RDK community.” 

After initially being developed internally by Comcast, two years ago Comcast and Time Warner Cable formed joint venture RDK Management, LLC, which took over the reins on licensing, training, community support and code management for the RDK. Last year Liberty Global was added to the RDK Management joint venture.

Also last year, the RDK branched out to include broadband devices. In early 2014, Cisco announced it was contributing open source RDK software to the broadband version.

During September’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expos, Comcast and Arris announced that they would collaborate on RDK-B field trials using Arris’ Touchstone TG1682 DOCSIS 3.0 voice gateways. The new RDK-B Arris software was incorporated into broadband modems ahead of a fourth quarter trial, with deployments to follow in the first quarter of this year.

At CES last month, Broadcom announced that its DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 silicon supported RDK-B, which will allow cable operators to speed up the deployment cycles for next-generation broadband gateway devices. 

On Tuesday, RDK is hosting a one-day 2015 RDK Users Conference in Denver, but the event is only open to licensees. 

In 2013, Comcast agreed to pay $150 million in stock for a stake in Arris. According to an Arris spokeswoman, Comcast no longer had any shares in Arris as of the end of December.