ThinkAnalytics announced it had signed a global reseller agreement with Thuuz Sports to help sports fans find and view the programming they want across multiple viewing experiences.

The joint platform, which was first announced a year ago, allows service providers and content owners to offer a customized sports service that helps viewers become more engaged with their sports packages. The previous agreement blended Thuuz Sports’ discovery services with ThinkAnalytics’ recommendation engine, which also includes sports metadata library ThinkSports.

With the platform, service providers and programmers can offer sports recommendations that include real-time ratings, headlines, and alerts in order to make it easier for fans to discover, watch, and keep track of their sports programming based on their own preferences. 

ThinkAnalytics said that its ThinkSports library was the largest global source of pre-tagged metadata for sports enabling intelligent search and personalized content recommendations. ThinkSports integrated Thuuz Sports’ service to offer personalized sports recommendations with support for more than 50 sports across 20 countries, and in 17 languages.

ThinkSports allows viewers to track live and upcoming matches and events, as well as event highlights and athlete interviews, from their existing electronic program guides. It combines comprehensive sports event-related metadata in multiple languages with the ability to provide personalized multiple recommendations across various devices.

“In addition to movie and television enthusiasts, sports fans are key constituents. Adding a world class, sports discovery engine to our market leading discovery and recommendations engines will help us capture and recommend this unique type of live, linear content,” said Rich Soucie, vice president of business development, ThinkAnalytics. “By expanding our relationship with Thuuz we can offer a truly personalized platform for sports, movies and television that keeps track of must see sporting events and personalizes it for each consumer in real time “

Thuuz’s proprietary technology uses real-time dynamic data and social feeds along with other sources to rate live sporting events and alert fans when their defined “excitement level” reaches peak levels. 

“Sports navigation is broken, leaving consumers to struggle to find a great game, or worse yet, miss out on history making moments,” said Warren Packard, CEO of Thuuz. “Given the critical role that sports programming plays in subscription services, we believe this partnership with ThinkAnalytics helps solve a fundamental problem by personalizing consumer experiences and making it easy for users to find the sports content they love and discover new programming.”

Separately, ThinkAnalytics also announced today that it would be showing its concept user interface (UI) at next week’s IBC Show in Amsterdam. The concept UI, which is called “MyThinkTV,” helps service providers plan for future recommendations UIs by letting them simulate a best practice set of use cases using their own metadata, which include similar/related content, moods and personalization.

MyThinkTV is currently available to ThinkAnalytics customers. The concept UI supports all of ThinkAnalytics’ personalized recommendations techniques and can be used to browse linear and VOD content.

ThinkAnalytics said the concept UI works on web/PC, iPad and Android tablets and supports relevance and personalized search, multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple types of users, including logged-in users and anonymous sessions.

“Adding recommendations as an integral part of the standard UI is becoming the norm, and something that a number of our customers have already successfully implemented, allowing them to reap the benefits with reduced churn, increased on-demand sales, and improved consumer satisfaction. MyThinkTV provides our customers with a great concept UI that they can use to simulate different use cases using their own metadata. They can then use the results to help them design their next-gen UI - one in which recommendations will take center stage,” said Peter Docherty, founder and chief technology officer, ThinkAnalytics.

ThinkAnalytics has a customer base of over 50 operators worldwide serving more than 130 million licensed subscribers. Customers include: Cox Communications, Liberty Global, BSkyB, Swisscom, Unitymedia in Germany, Zon in Portugal, and Nordic operator Canal Digital.