Netherlands-based Metrological has officially joined the cable industry’s Reference Design Kit (RDK) initiative.

While Metrological is a new member of RDK Management, which is the joint venture between Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Liberty Global, its app store technology is already in front of roughly 20 million Liberty Global households. Specifically, Metrological’s services are in use by Liberty Global’s UPC Netherlands, UnityMedia Kabel BW and UPC Hungary.

“Metrological is compatible with and supports the RDK,” said Metrological CTO Albert Dahan. “Fundamentally, we enable operators to manage and monetize opportunities relating to app delivery. Our technology speeds up development and gives the operator full control to manage the app ecosystem, bringing those opportunities radically closer for operators.”

The RDK, which now has more than 160 licensees, is a community-based project that enables developers, vendors and cable operators to use a defined stack of software on one layer in order to provision set-top boxes and gateways. The RDK allows all of the interested parties to develop once and then scale across multiple environments – in the CableCard/QAM/MEPG-2 world of today, as well as in the IP environment of tomorrow.

The RDK was designed to cut down the development cycle for set-top boxes and gateways from one or two years to six months. The RDK code is located beneath, and independent of, the application framework or UE/UX/UI layer of these devices.

The Metrological App Store can run apps side-by-side with live TV broadcasts, apps showing content contextual to what is show on the main screen, red-button interactivity, games, news and social media apps. Metrological said it had over 150 TV apps ready for publication.

Metrological’s product lineup also includes a cloud-based user interface, content curation and an app manager.