Envivio is taking multi-screen delivery entirely to the cloud. The company expects that shifting to a service-based model will make multi-screen delivery affordable for nearly any service provider or programmer, regardless of size.The company has been telegraphing the move. Last week, it announced a customer in China that is going with a cloud-based multi-screen system.

Envivio is calling its virtualized cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) video solution Nuage, French for cloud. It operates as a service on private, operator-owned networks, on the public cloud, or in hybrid environments.

With Nuage, Envivio has set up a system that will handle video from content acquisition to delivery to the consumer, on any screen.

The company has contracts in place with DRM companies and with CDNs, and can use those relationships in the service of their customers.  

While rival vendors have services that are similar, Envivio believes it has gone a few steps further than most, if not all, by offering to do everything in the cloud, by supporting not only on demand delivery but also live linear content, with a focus on service providers and programmers, and with a business model that includes the option to make absolutely no capital expenditures – making multi-screen an opex-only proposition.

“Comcast and other customers aren’t going to changes the way they do business with us,” observed Envivio’s VP-strategy and corporate development Arnaud Perrier, “but if anyone wants to move on to something new, they can try this. It’s low risk, easy to trial, and easy to get to market.”

“Or you can become the next Netflix or HBO Go, and do it in 30 days or less,” Envivio CEO Julien Signes told CED.

The Nuage software-as-a-service (SaaS) video solution is built on the cloud instantiation of the set of Envivio offerings for video processing, video delivery and video personalization, including its Muse,Halo and Guru software products for video processing, encryption, packaging, storage, distribution and network management. 

The product suite support the full range of video streaming formats and DRM technologies, HEVC, H.264, and MPEG-2 standards, and feature personal TV applications such as time shifting, catch-up, start-over, nPVR, follow me, and targeted advertising, plus blackout, ad insertion, subtitling and just-in-time packaging.

Live linear and on-demand content can be simultaneously delivered to Apple TV, XBox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS/Android tablets, and smart TVs, the company said. 

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