Cox Communications has doubled the speeds for three of its wired data tiers at the Las Vegas Convention Center at no additional cost to exhibitors, show management and other users.

The faster speeds from the cable operator’s Cox Business/Hospitality Network division went into effect immediately at the convention center. The speed increases were across three tiers of wired Internet in both the "shared bandwidth" and "dedicated bandwidth" service tiers. Five of the service tiers are being increased by 100 percent while the tier offering 10 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth has been boosted to 25 Mbps.

Aside of the three wired tiers, Cox Business offers the convention center a sliding speed scale ranging from 3 Mbps to dedicated on-site fiber optic connectivity providing speeds up to 10 Gigabits.

"As the provider of Advanced Convention Services, Cox Business is extremely pleased to implement a no-cost speed increase at the Las Vegas Convention Center,” said Derrick Hill, vice president of Cox Business/Hospitality Network in Las Vegas. "This implementation enhances value for convention exhibitors and elevates the attractiveness of the Las Vegas Convention Center as a top-tier convention destination for trade shows with their ever increasing demand for robust Internet technology."

In addition to wired internet, Cox Business/Hospitality Network also provides Wi-Fi based wireless Internet services, wired voice services, private network options and TV services at the convention center, which is one of the locations for the CES International show. 

Cox Business is also working on the installation of an interior 3G/4G cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that is designed to improve wireless capabilities inside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Cox Business plans on having an indoor small cell service available this year, but hasn’t announced the location to date. Cox Business will also have the initial elements of an outdoor small cell offering in place later this year and into the first half of 2015.