Cisco has created a new group, called the IoT systems and software group, dedicated to machine connectivity.

Long-time Cisco executive Kip Compton has been named VP, Internet of Things (IoT) Systems & Software.

Cisco has not responded to requests for further information on Compton’s assignment or the formation of the group.

Company materials say that the IoT Systems and Software group “provides a growing portfolio of products from embedded software for sensors, wired and wireless connectivity (switches, access points), ruggedized (and embedded) routers (for example for use in cars, trucks, trains, planes), surveillance cameras, and recording systems.”

Compton had been acting general manager of Cisco’s Service Provider Video Software & Solutions (SPVSS). Yvette Kanouff left Cablevision earlier this year to head up that Cisco operation in July.

Compton has held a string of positions at Cisco, including VP and CTO of Cisco’s Video & Collaboration Group, his most recent position before holding down the fort at SPVSS.

In his new position, he is leading Cisco’s product businesses focused on IoT.

Connectivity between systems has alternatively been referred to as machine to machine (M2M) and as the Internet of Everything. Cisco sees it as a key potential growth market, so much so that it has been using an entirely different phrase – “the Internet of Things” – that it could associate with the Cisco brand.

The potential is clearly there. By 2020, there will be 50 Billion devices connected to the Internet, according to projections in the company’s own Visual Networking Index Report from 2013.

The company explains “The network plays a critical role as the connectivity platform for control and operational systems, sensors, machines, and devices. It must provide a secure infrastructure that can support billions of context-aware devices, people, processes, and data. Cisco connects the unconnected with an open standard, integrated architecture, from the cloud to end devices.”