Canby Telcom has gone gigabit, with the intention of attracting technology jobs to its area, just southeast of Portland, OR.

Canby Telecom is deploying Adtran’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) portfolio, including the vendor’s multiservice access node, the Total Access 5004. Versions of that system can be used to converge POTS, ADSL2+, VDSL2, GPON and other networking technologies.

The company is offering two new tiers based on its gigabit technology, what it’s calling its Fiber Optic Zone (FOz) service. One is a 60 Mbps tier for $79.95 a month (double the data rate of its previous top tier of 30 Mbps for $59.95 a month), the other a 1 Gbps service for $99.95.

The deployment has enabled Canby Telcom to deliver gigabit services to more than 2,500 local residents and businesses, largely near the town center. The company claims over 7,000 customers spread across an 84 square-mile area.

Canby Telcom recently developed an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service, using equipment from Elemental Technologies, delivered through Roku boxes.

Canby reports initial evidence that the launch of FOz is at least beginning to have an effect. The town reports that real estate agents have seen a marked increase in homebuyers selecting Canby properties due to fiber access.

“By being one of the first Gigabit communities in the Pacific Northwest, we’re accomplishing our goals of not only bettering the lives of our residents, but setting the foundation for future technology innovation within our community,” said Paul Hauer, president of Canby Telcom. “Adtran is enabling us to deliver the Gigabit services we need to provide the capacity and speed that bandwidth-hungry devices and streaming video services are demanding today, as well as scalability for the gadgets and services yet to come. It’s now easier than ever for high-tech businesses or global corporations to come to Canby and enjoy the benefits of small town America while having all the advantages of a big city.”