The television industry is still in an early phase of targeted advertising, which means there really aren’t enough advertisers with enough different ads, which means some viewers often see the same ad over and over. And over. Especially during binge watches. BlackArrow has addressed the issue by adding support for audience-based frequency capping in its Advanced Advertising System.

The features enables companies to manage the number of times any particular ad is seen by a unique household or device across on-demand platforms and TV viewed on devices.

As viewers shift when and where they consume television content, it becomes more challenging to control the number of times a viewer is exposed to an ad, risking overexposure and reduction in ad effectiveness, the company noted.

The new release of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System allows advertisers to define frequency capping rules that control the number of times during a given period an ad is delivered to an audience segment, household or device, no matter which TV platform is being used.

Black Arrow had to devise a new way to limit ad frequency. In online advertising, cookies are often used to keep track of ad frequency counts, but that option is not available when delivering content through most traditional set-top boxes, the company explained. Tablets and mobile devices, meanwhile, are limited to browser-based cookies

“With our recently announced DMP for the TV industry, BlackArrow Audience, we developed a solution similar to a server-side cookie, managing ad viewing in a privacy-compliant way,” said Jacob Naim, BlackArrow VP of product management. “Ad servers can then check this frequency count when a TV, set-top box or device requests an ad and ensure the frequency capping rules are respected.”

Frequency capping is already supported by campaign lines which originate from BlackArrow Campaign, BlackArrow’s multiplatform campaign definition and management tool, the company said. Support for additional third-party ad servers can be implemented through BlackArrow Client Services.

The next problem to solve is a business issue: selling enough different ads that it isn’t necessary to repeat the same ones over and over.