Vubiquity will open the virtual doors to its digital storefront at next week’s Independent Show in Kansas City, Mo.

The Vubiquity Digital Storefront allows cable operators to offer a range of multi-platform video services, including linear TV streaming, SVOD, electronic sell-through (EST) and support for the Ultraviolet digital rights locker system.

Vubiquity is powering the digital storefront with its AnyVu Cloud platform that launched earlier this year. The AnyVu Cloud platform is part of a suite of modular services designed to help any service provider to quickly and efficiently launch new advanced video offerings.

The AnyVu Cloud platform offers a broad set of modular services that include a library of licensed content for both linear and on-demand, set-top box delivery and direct-to-subscriber streaming, EST, as well as other next-generation video services. 

"Vubiquity's digital storefront is a key component of our AnyVu Cloud platform, making it easy for the consumer to find, watch and experience the content they most want and enabling content and service providers to more easily monetize it," said Anupam Gupta, executive vice president, cloud services, Vubiquity. "Because AnyVu Cloud is offered as a modular service, our customers can choose an end-to-end solution, or just the pieces they need to round out their offering.  Our aim is to provide the most efficient solution that helps our customers bring new services to market quickly, and effectively compete in a TV Everywhere world."

Next week’s digital storefront demo at the Independent Show will includes some of the assets from Vubiquity’s purchase of FilmFlex in May. FilmFlex has laid claim to enabling more than 90 million transactions with its white label VOD services. Prior to the purchase, FilmFlex was a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television and The Walt Disney Company.

The NCTC’s Independent Show is July 27-30 in Kansas City, Mo.