Jones/NCTI announced this morning that it had inked an agreement with Houston-based enTouch to provide enTouch a suite of learning tools for its field and call center frontline employees.

The new enterprise platform includes Jones/NCTI’s in-depth course material, mobile learning application and career path development tools, as well as its LogiCall customer service support.

“We are thrilled to partner with Jones/NCTI to provide advanced learning solutions and new career path-focused knowledge to our frontline team,” said Johnny Lambert, enTouch vice president of technical operations. “With Jones/NCTI’s customized, licensed learning model and flexible enterprise pricing, we are able to offer our employees a variety of convenient and high-quality tools specifically designed to help them on-the job and throughout their future careers.”

EnTouch has served master-planned residential and commercial developments in the greater Houston area for over 18 years. The company offers bundled services over a fiber optic network, including data, digital video, security and surveillance systems, and hosted voice offerings.

EnTouch will introduce the new Jones/NCTI learning solution to its employees later this summer.

EnTouch technicians and customer service representatives will gain job-specific knowledge and new opportunities for career advancement. The integrated learning environment includes:

• Access to Jones/NCTI’s course materials, senior master technician and customer service course materials.

• Use of Jones/NCTI’s new mobile learning application, called Amp, which provides real-time information to employees in the field. Jones/NCTI will officially launch Amp to the cable and broadband industry in early August.

• Opportunities for career planning and advancement with five custom career paths created and aligned specifically for enTouch.

“Jones/NCTI is excited to power frontline performance for enTouch with results-driven learning tools,” said Jones/NCTI CEO Stacey Slaughter. “Our new enterprise offering is scaled to meet the learning and development needs of companies of all sizes, and designed for the way people learn today.”

As part of the agreement, enTouch will also have access to Jones/NCTI’s agent-assist tool, LogiCall Smart Path, which helps streamline customer service operations. This includes the customer-facing model, Tier Zero, which is a self-service version of SmartPath and 24/7 online customer support.