Midcontinent Communications improved its customer service and operational efficiencies from last year to this year with the aid CliIntel.

Midcontinent engaged with CliIntel's professional services team last year to analyze current business metrics and provide optimization opportunities. Midcontinent’s goals included improving the customer experience, exceeding 2014 customer expectations of service and providing ongoing metrics to ensure sustained gains.

Specifically, Midcontinent used CliIntel’s Insight methodology to assess existing processes and organizational metrics, identify targeted solutions, and assist in system-wide implementations.

In order to gain a holistic view of its services and workforce, the partnership spanned customer care, dispatch, technical operations, and warehouse operations.

By working with CliIntel, Midcontinent Communications “reduced scheduling windows to an industry best, re-designed dispatch operations with heightened focus on customer-impacting metrics in a real-time environment, and demonstrated to the customer community an unrelenting commitment to delivering product and service excellence.”

“Although never satisfied, this partnership maintained consistent on-time arrival rates of 97.75 percent with over 93.8 percent of all jobs scheduled in 15 minute windows, providing more customer choice,” said Brad Schoenfelder, Midcontinent Communications’ vice president of operations,

“Great customer care depends on actionable information. Our experience with Tier 1 cable operators enables us to empower mid-size operators, such as Midcontinent Communications with a 100 percent customer focused initiative,” said CliIntel CEO Richard Batenburg.

Midcontinent provides triple play services to over 300,000 customers throughout 342 communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.