Cineplex Entertainment is upgrading its online movie rental and sales service in Canada. The company has contracted wth Deluxe OnDemand to power its video-on-demand service, the Cineplex Store.

Cineplex suspended operations at Cineplex Store (“You’ve found us in the middle of an upgrade…”) while it performs the switch to Deluxe Digital Distribution’s (D3) service.

D3 said it will provide access to a catalog of more than 7,000 titles, with new content being added each month.

D3 encodes content in major video formats for distribution via the cloud to variety of viewing devices. The Cineplex Store uses UltraViolet to handle digital rights and security.

Cineplex’s online subscribers will be able to stream or download content to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8-supported devices.

Pat Marshall, vice president, communications and investor relations, Cineplex Entertainment, said, “Deluxe OnDemand will help us deliver one of the widest selections of high-quality movie streaming to our customers’ devices.”

 “We are pleased to support Cineplex’s strategy of engaging customers at each stage of a movie’s life-cycle—from theatrical release to home and mobile entertainment,” said Todd Collart, senior vice president and general manager of Deluxe Digital Distribution. 

Deluxe maintains the largest aggregated supply of high bit rate master source files, up to 220Mbps.  That results in a library of superior transcodes, which are optimized for streaming or download.

Cineplex operates 162 theaters with 1,638 screens in Canada. The Cineplex Store supplements the company’s theater operations.