After the Supreme Court ruled against its over-the-air video service last week, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia is trying to kicks start a grass roots effort by asking the company’s subscribers to contact their lawmakers.

Broadcasters had sued Aereo over its service that relied on cloud DVR and antennas to capture over-the-air video signals and deliver them to its customers. Broadcasters said that Aereo violated copyright laws by not paying them for their video content. Aereo announced on Saturday that it was suspending its service

Aereo released Kanojia’s letter this morning and said it would “be the only statement from Aereo at this time.” Here’s the letter in its entirety:

A Letter to Our Consumers: Standing Together for Innovation, Progress and Technology - Let's Raise Our Voices

“On Saturday, many of you received the news that we decided to pause our operations temporarily, as a result of the United States Supreme Court's reversal of a lower court decision in favor of Aereo.

“Your response in support of the Aereo team has been overwhelming and touching. Your tweets, emails and Facebook posts have made it clear how important it is for so many Americans to have access to a cloud-based antenna to watch live broadcast television. Many of you have asked, "What can we do?"

“Today, I'm asking you to raise your hands and make your voices heard. Tell your lawmakers how disappointed you are that the nation's highest court issued a decision that could deny you the right to use the antenna of your choice to access live over-the-air broadcast television. Tell them your stories of why having access to a cloud-based antenna is important to you and your families. Show them you care about this issue.

“Visit the updated,  find your representatives and send tweets, emails and Facebook messages asking them to take action to protect your right to use the antenna of your choice to access live free-to-air broadcasts, including the ability to use a cloud-based antenna.

“Don't let your voices be silenced. Let's stand together for innovation, progress, and technology.

“Thank you for your continued support. We are truly grateful.

“Yours truly,

“Chet Kanojia”