Suddenlink Communications is now offering a new data tier in two Texas communities with a speed of up to 300 Mbps on the downstream.

The 300 Mbps service, which tops out at 15 Mbps on the upstream, is now available in Leander and Pflugerville, Texas with Georgetown to follow in the Lone Star state later this summer.  A spokesman for Suddenlink said the 300 Mbps tier cost $65 a month.

In announcing its first 300 Mbps tier, Suddenlink pointed out its new offering was available to all of the subscribers in the two cities in contrast to AT&T’s GigaPower service that’s available in select areas of Austin.

“Based on public reports and additional research, it appears AT&T U-verse has cherry-picked where it will offer its service, while Google Fiber is nowhere to be found,” said Suddenlink senior director of operations Michael Naumann.  “In contrast, we’re making our 300 Meg service available to 100 percent of the residential areas we serve in these communities.” 

Earlier this year Google Fiber announced its plan to have its 1 Gbps service available in 34 cities by next year. AT&T has previously said it would be expanding its fiber-based 1 Gbps service to as many as 100 additional markets.

In December AT&T launched GigaPower in Austin with a symmetrical 300 Mbps service that is supposed to be upgraded to 1 Gbps sometime this summer.

Georgetown, Leander, and Pflugerville, which are all north of Austin, were the first to get Suddenlink’s 107 Mbps service in 2010, which at the time was the fastest download speed available from a major U.S. provider.

Suddenlink also announced today that it had activated nearly half of approximately 200 Wi-Fi access points planned for Georgetown, Leander, and Pflugerville.